Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly will visit former team owner Frank McCourt – MLB News

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Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly will visit former team owner Frank McCourt – MLB News
The Los Angeles Dodgers recently has been sold to Magic Johnson, but the Dodgers current manager, general manager, pitching coaches and all the batting coaches are still praising the works of their former owner Frank McCourt.
Recently, in a casual team gathering in Los Angeles, the Dodgers current manager Don Mattingly did questions and answers session with the reporters and explained all the possible chances of his meeting with McCourt showing little courtesy as how well he had been leading this franchise for so long.
Though this visit has not yet been finalised by any source, but inside the Dodgers management, this potential meeting is going to be held soon.
Mattingly said, “Hopefully, I get a chance to see him, Frank always — my interaction [with him] was great. Obviously, I read the papers and I'm not blind to what went on here. But for me personally, it's been a good relationship.”
He added, “I always go back to, 'Treat people the way you're treated, You try to treat everyone with respect, there's a different vibe in the stands, you can feel a different energy with people, If we don't put up wins, that vibe is not going to be that great.”
Don Mattingly knows that now the new beginning of Dodgers has begun and all the stake holders should recognise the fact that McCourt’s contributions are certainly valuable and he did several good things for the team which still benefiting them.                   
Mattingly, who previously came into the Dodgers franchise as coach, certainly know how he has to take care of his former relations with anyone who had tried to bring this franchise on top in his own capacity. In the meanwhile, the Dodgers’ have just completed their Spring Training in Arizona’s Cactus League and now preparing to play in the next Major League event.
Last season, the Dodgers were all over the place with several poor performances down the stretch late in the regular season, but with the relief of having new ownership around, the South Los Angeles baseball franchise, is sitting quite comfortably and looking forward to see their players performing on the big stage of play.



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