Lewis Hamilton: Toro Rosso duo blocked way and let Vettel go in Spanish GP – Formula 1 news

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Lewis Hamilton: Toro Rosso duo blocked way and let Vettel go in Spanish GP – Formula 1 news
McLaren’s Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has strongly voiced against Toro Rosso’s tactics in the Spanish Grand Prix of the 2011 Formula 1 season.
The Brit commented that both Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi are playing a real sister team role for the Red Bull team.
Hamilton blamed that the Toro Rosso team, financially supported by Dietrich Mateschitz who is the owner of Red Bull, deliberately blocked his way in Spain.
The Brit previously pointed out that Michael Schumacher was also the one who blocked his way when the top four drivers of the Spanish Grand Prix lapped every other driver on the grid.
This time, the Brit thinks that Toro Rosso also played a part in increasing his gap from Sebastian Vettel.
“Often some of these back markers, in particular Toro Rosso, would assist with increasing the gap between us, which is interesting. That kind of thing shouldn't happen because they are not really supposed to be a sister team are they?” stated Hamilton.
Hamilton ended the race in second place just 0.6 seconds behind Vettel and thinks that the back runners played a vital role in Vettel’s win.
The Spanish Grand Prix saw a total of 17 drivers being lapped by the top four drivers which makes it tough for the front running drivers to carry out any kind of overtaking move. However, Hamilton thinks that Toro Rosso should be warned for their act in
the Spanish Grand Prix.
“If that continues to happen then some penalties should probably be handed out,” concluded Hamilton.
On the other hand, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also stated that the Toro Rosso drivers have been previously accused by many teams, including Red Bull.
Nevertheless, Hamilton has notified his team which will impress upon the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to take further action.
The next race in Monaco on May 29, 2011 is also famous for its layout because many drivers are lapped in it. It will be interesting to see how Hamilton manages to cope up with them in the squeezed turns of Monte Carlo.



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