Bettero, Boal, Pupo and Robertson win their respective heats: Saquarema Surf Pro International

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Bettero, Boal, Pupo and Robertson win their respective heats: Saquarema Surf Pro International
At the end of the Men’s round of 96 of the Saquarema Surf Pro International, four surfers, including Hizunome Bettero, Tim Boal, Miguel Pupo and Adam Robertson put on a great show and gave impressive performances in their individual heats at Saquarema in
Brazil, on Thursday, May 26.
In heat 13, the Brazilian surfer Hizunome Bettero claimed the highest heat score of 13.93 (out of 20), while Shaun Cansdell of Australia earned second place honours with a total score of 12.73. French, Romain Cloitre wound up third with 9.83 points in the
following heat. Yan Guimarares of Brazil, surprisingly, came fourth in heat 13 with a lowly score of 6.40. Not surprisingly, the player was really disappointed with his effort.
Bettero on the other hand, was happy with the results as he had a great day in the sea. The Brazilian, due to his outstanding surfing, has booked a place for the Men’s round of 48.
Meanwhile, Tim Boal of France won a very tight heat against Australian surfer Tom Whitaker with a narrow margin of 11.93 to 10.93 points. Dylan Graves (PRI) wound up third with a score of 10.57, while Yuri Sodre of Brazil was placed fourth with a total score
of 8.56 in the following heat.
Boal came out on top in heat 15 after braving the surfs with great aggression and sound technique. Although the surfer faced tough surfing conditions, he was not ready to bow down and won the heat with relative ease.
In heat 15, another thrilling Brazilian surfer Miguel Pupo captured the first place with a decent score of 13.17 and booked his place into the Men’s round of 48.
The Japanese surfer Masatoshi Ohno managed to edge past Neco Padaratz of Brazil and won the heat with the slightest of margins. Ohno scored 10.76 as opposed to his opponent's 10.53 points. Tomas Hermes took fourth place with a score of 7.60 in that heat.
On the other hand, the Australian surfer Adam Robertson picked the top spot in heat 16 with a score of 10.24, while his countryman Kai Otton grabbed the second spot with 9.96 and Alejo Muniz of Brazil wound up third with a score of 8.60 in the corresponding
Finally, Eric Geiselman of USA could not qualify for the Men’s round of 48. It was a day to forget for the American as he gave a miserable performance, earning an embarrassing 7.37 points.
The winners of the today’s heats; Bettero, Boal, Pupo and Robertson seem very confident to clinch their respective heats in the Men’s round of 48, which will be held at Saquarema in Brazil on May 26.



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