Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso terms Red Bull Racing favourite for win at Monaco Grand Prix – Formula 1

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Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso terms Red Bull Racing favourite for win at Monaco Grand Prix – Formula 1
Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, who finished Thursday’s second practice session of the Monaco Grand Prix in the top spot, has said that the Red Bull team is the favourite for the final qualifying session and on the race day.
The Red Bull Racing team was somewhat slow in the second practice session, but Alonso believes that they will again surprise the viewers with their decent run on the race day.
The two-time world champion was happy with his progress in the afternoon practice session, as he ended his run in top place ahead of McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton. Despite his first position in the practice, he is still hoping for a challenging race with RBR.
The Spanish driver added that after a successful practice session, he has to do his best on Sunday to achieve better results. He also discussed Red Bull and said that they showed many different and positive things during the session which was the reason
for them being the favourites for the Monaco Grand Prix.
Alonso said, “I think in five days things cannot change so much, so I expect Red Bull to be the favourite for qualifying and the race. But it's true also that this is a very unique venue, so anything can happen. There is no room for mistakes so there is
also this factor.”
Alonso’s teammate Felipe Massa was 0.658 seconds off the pace in the second practice session and finished his run in the sixth spot. He also successfully completed his laps in the session on supersoft tyres. Both the drivers were satisfied with the tyres
as it supported them in a positive manner.
The 29-year-old driver admitted that his car’s pace was quite good in the first and second practice sessions.
He said, “And at the moment the car is offering me that possibility so I'm happy, but obviously it's only Friday [Thursday] and we know on Saturday the stress and the pressure will increase and you need to have some margin and it's very easy to make a mistake.”
After a successful Thursday practice sessions, Alonso is looking forward to secure a pole place in the qualifying round in Monte Carlo on Saturday.



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