Joseph Yobo pleads with FIFA to end Nigeria ban

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Joseph Yobo pleads with FIFA to end Nigeria ban
FIFA's indefinite ban put on the Nigerian Football Federation couldn't come at worse time as the Super Eagles were preparing for their African Cup of Nations qualifier against Guinea on 10 October, and
national team captain Joseph Yobo has made an urgent plea for FIFA to reverse their decision.
"This is absolutely devastating for the fans, players and the entire country," Yobo told BBC Sport on Tuesday.
"The players are in shock just like the millions of passionate football fans here and we can only hope they resolve this crisis for the progress of the country.
"Importantly football is a powerful force in the country, it unites the country so we shouldn't let it separate us as a strong nation."
FIFA's decision to ban Nigeria for its government's interference in the sport comes in the wake of Nigeria's disappointing World Cup performance this summer where they made an early first-round exit and
failed to win a single match.
FIFA's statement outlined a wide-ranging ban.

“During the period of suspension, the NFF will not be able to be represented in any regional, continental or international competitions, including at club level, and also not in friendly matches,” it read.

“In addition, neither the NFF nor any of its members or officials can benefit from any development programme, course, or training from FIFA or CAF while the federation remains suspended.”

Yobo was quick to point out how not only his Super Eagles side will suffer from FIFA's decision but that players at all levels within the country will be affected. Yobo further pointed out that it will require
a collective effort from all sides in order to sort out the situation.
"We can never progress when confusion and feud takes over football so therefore we must all come together to prevent a disaster," the 30-year-old Fenerbahce defender explained.
"The other national sides (the U20 and female national team) will also feel the effect terribly because they are also preparing for international competitions.
"Collectively, we can all sort it out. But I appeal to all parties involved to think of the nation first and accept that football is our only pride."


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