Mauricio Rua looking to return to Ultimate Fighting Championship early in 2011

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Shogun Rua looking to return to Ultimate Fighting Championship early in 2011
Ultimate Fighting Championships light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua revealed to he expects to return to action in early 2011, but which point he'll be fully recovered
from his knee surgery.  Rua’s surgery took place shortly after he defeated Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida for the title in May 2010.
Prior to winning the title at UFC 113, Rua had lost a unanimous decision to Machida in October of 2009. The rematch had a decidedly different outcome as the Rua knocked out the previously
unbeaten Machida. A hard right from Rua put Machida to the ground, Rua then delivered a series of strikes to the fallen Machida before the referee called the fight at 3:35 of the first round.
Rua said so far his recovery was all positive.
“Everything is going very well. I went to Los Angeles to meet with the doctor who operated on me, and everything is great. The doctor wanted to see how my surgery went, and I was told
that it’s ok. The surgery was actually a success. I’m very happy.”
After the consultation with his doctor in Los Angeles, Rua returned to Brazil where he plans on rehabilitating for another month.
Rua told “I will wait another month. I will continue my rehabilitation, which has changed a bit now. I already do most of the leg, swimming, running. After a month, I think
I’ll be back to train. I’m very motivated to get back to doing what I like best, which is fighting.”
Speaking about a return date, Rua said, “I must return at the beginning of next year, but I still don’t know who it is going to be against.”
Rua’s likely opponent when he returns to the UFC will be former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad “Suga” Evans. Evans’ MMA record is 15-1-1 with his only loss coming to Machida. The
fight, which Machida won via knock out, was for Evans’ UFC light heavyweight title. After Evans defeated Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 114, he was promised a title shot, but news of Rua's knee injury has cast that into doubt.

Currently Rua holds a mixed martial arts record of 19-4. 



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