Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks about charges on 50 Cent sponsored radio program

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks about charges on 50 Cent sponsored radio program
Floyd Mayweather Jr. has broken the silence about the charges of battery and grand larceny against him.
The notorious boxing superstar appeared on rapper 50 Cent’s G Unit chat program with his bride, referred to only as “Ms. Jackson,” to clarify the charges and talk about boxing and personal developments. 

In response to the reports that Mayweather’s son Koraun testified against him, Mayweather speculated police and insiders were conspiring to turn the youth against him.
"They're coaching my oldest son to say certain things," he claimed. "My son is being coached to say certain things. I love my kids dearly and I wish [ex-girlfriend Josie Harris] all the best.”
Mayweather was charged after allegedly breaking into ex-girlfriend Harris’s home in early September.  In a report filed she claimed the boxing star initially stole her iPhone to snoop through her text
messages, and then returned furious with the knowledge that she was seeing someone else.  Mayweather was then alleged to have attacked Harris in front of their children and threaten to “kill them” should they say anything about the incident.
During the radio program, “Money” Mayweather implied he did not physically harm Josie Harris.  
“My children's mother...if she got hurt, they would have those photos out the next day. I love my kids. They say I threatened to kill them. That never happened."
Mayweather referred to updates on a potential Manny Pacquiao fight, which has dominated boxing's headlines for over a year, but refused to name the Philippine congressman specifically. 
"I've given the sport 15 years of my life and I am 41-0.  Being 41-0, then how can only one opponent count?” he said.
Refusing to discuss whether he would be competing in the near future, the couple preferred to reveal details on their upcoming wedding.  Mayweather said “"She (Jackson) has been with me for five years,
through the ups and downs and the trials and tribulations. Behind every great man, there is a great lady."
They indicated that a main theme at the wedding would be the colour green, to accentuate Mayweather’s love of money.



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