Is there bus concession?how to get?

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i am a handicap from nagapattinam district




  1. I think there are such facilities available, depending on your age, purpose of travel and level of your disability.

    I did a goolge search and found some links. I found few sites talking about bus concession in Tamilnadu:

    'Bus concession: Free travel facility to the handicapped children in buses of State Transport Corporation except TTC.

    O/I – M.D. Transport Corporation'

    You may get some information, if you can write to:

    The Director

    Department of Social Welfare,

    Government of Tamil Nadu,

    Secretariat Building,

    Madras – 35

    I also found the following from the Transport department website : (

    i) Physically handicapped and mentally challenged persons having disability of 40% and above their monthly income should not be more than Rs.1000/- are eligible for free passes. More information on this could be get from the District Rehabilitation Officer concerned or Public Relation Officer of the Transport Corporations

    ii) All visually challenged persons having a disability of 40% and above may avail the free pass without any age limit. More information on this could be got from the Public Relation Officer of the Transport Corporations.

    You may also do a google search with specifics that best suits your situation.

  2. There are provision in every state for handicap & elderly persons on the bus, please check at the Bus depo near ur area, they should give the details.  If U don't get response call up ' Any Time Any Where Tele. No. 39999999 ' for any query in the future.  Good Luck !

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