How to go to Mumbai Consulate (American) from Dadar?

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How much is the distance between Dadar and US Consulate and what's the best way to reach it? Also, any good hotels (not 4 star or 5 star but decent enough for a night's stay) around Dadar, what will be the average charges?




  1. You can either go by Taxi from Dadar or travel by train from Dadar to Grant Road and then take a taxi.  It will take about 30 minutes from Dadar to American consulate by taxi.

    As far ashotels are concerned, please check the following link for budget hotels in Dadar.

  2. Just catch a Taxi and go to Lincoln House, Breach Candy. It is just 2 kms from Bombay Central Rly. Station (Western Line) which is directly accessible from Dadar Rly. Stan (Western Line). I know a few affordable places to stay which you can easily find around Bombay Central Bus Stand (mostly Muslim-owned Hotels)- not that sure about Dadar.

    Accommodation in Bombay is EXPENSIVE if you don't know your bearings. Last time I had to shell out Rs.1500 for a 8-hr stay near Santa Cruz airport - the room was dirty, rickety and full of cockroaches.

  3. Taking a taxi is the best way to reach American consulate from Dadar station. It takes around 20-25 minutes.

    I've never stayed at any hotels as i had friends and relatives in Mumbai, but you can find some names in the link below -

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