Are u from andhra pradesh?

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Are u from andhra pradesh?




  1. Yes I am .

  2. What is wrong in it ?

  3. yes i am hyderabadi ......................

  4. Yes, I am from Andhera pradesh

  5. NO

  6. No, I am not.

    My name is Zuton of Octo-Punji from the 4th quandrant of the Zhamagi system.

    I have visited andhra pradesh and found it hospitable and ideal for further study and experimentation.

    I have infused the essence of the juice of Saphoo and Water of life with the local curry powders to create a unique Earthen spice melange. It is a truly out of this world experince.

  7. What is the purpose of asking such a question?

  8. no , from arunachal pradesh

  9. No, Karnataka...

    now u??

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