Is he feeling the IUD or the strings?

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after i had my son in march 6 weeks after, i got the mirena,. i was told the strings would soften and i think they have but when my husband and i try to have intercourse he says he can feel it (the iud not the strings) is this okay? i called my local planned parent hood as i dont have ins any more and they said i would need to come in and have them check it but i would have to pay full price as dont meet income guidlines. im desperate as i have no s*x life. has this happened to any one else and if so how did you fix this?




  1. He wouldn't be able to feel the Mirena as (sorry to be crude)his p***s isn't long enough, unless of course it's started to expel. The only thing he COULD feel are the strings. If that's the case they just need to be cut shorter.

    Either way you'll need to see a doctor to remedy the problem, there is no "at home" fix for it.

  2. i have had the Mirena in for about 2 and half years,  at first s*x was kinda painful for my husband i needed to have my strings trim, so ur saying this is not the case I would tell u to try diffrent positions maybe its the positions that causing ur husband this in convience, if that still doesn't work i would say see ur ob/gyn.

  3. its pinching like a needle on the head of his p***s its the STRING ITS STILL THICK

  4. I was told that if he could feel it, then it's misplaced and you could still get pregnant, so I would suggest you to go and check it out even though it'll cost a lot, cause I'm sure a baby would cost a lot more than a check up right? But it may just be that your uterus is really low. My husband says he could feel it every now and then when he goes in really deep.

    You can also try using your fingers to see if you could touch it yourself. If yes, then go and get it fixed. If not, then go with your gut feelings.

  5. I have an IUD and when I got it in at first, my husband felt it for probably a couple or three months. Then he stopped feeling them, my doctor said that would happen.  I recommend you wait a little longer before paying, this is supposed to happen.

  6. If he can feel it, it's probably misplaced.  He should only be able to feel the strings and they can be trimmed if they bother him.

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