MIRENA IUD expulsion, Can you feel it if it comes out?

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I had the MIRENA IUD put in last August, I had severe cramps, like never before in my life during Sept and Oct. I became pregnant in November. My OB told me it came out. My inlaws and my family say I would have felt it come out. I still say I never felt it, but I was having such terrible cramps I could not move for about 3 day of my period during Sept and Oct. So we keep having this argument, they say I pulled it out and I know I didn't. Has annyone else had this problem? Did you feel it come out?




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     Omg my Mirena just fell out. I've had it for three and a half years, I'm in shock. Phoning my GYN in the morning. My oldest is 23years old my youngest is turning four.

  2. Guest56574

     I had my Mirena inserted in June2015 to control my heav menstruation . It all went well thru out the 1year plus with minimal discomfort albeit spottings that panty liners can cope.

    Few days ago i had heavy bleeding and it surmounted to discharge of clots as big as my clenched fist every 10min and continuous flow of blood. I was admitted to the emergency , thats when my gynae told me that my Mirena is missing. 

    I had to undergo a D&C and reinsert a new Mirena. Now, its back to normal again.

    I have no idea that the devise had fallen out as there is no apparent pain or symptom to trigger me.

    Wondering if there is any possibility that it could have fallen because i have taken up yoga in recent months and am a regular practitioner. 

    Anyways, i wish all you ladies out there well and healthy.












  3.  I have a copper iud and I can't use anything else as I suffer Form a P.E which is a blood clot in my left lung, I've been having really bad pains an just checked my iud an I can see the strings just inside my v****a, I can't get in to see my doctor for a week as his away on holidays is it possible that my body is rejecting the copper iud. 

  4.  Hi, I just got my third mirena, wed 7-30-14. I have loved the last two, little rough having them inserted but no problems after and NO PERIOD!! Woo hoo! This new mirena is a different story though, uhhg! Hurt like a small child birth going in and now cramping for the last three days, so uncomfortable!! Went back to doc on Friday, she says it hasn't moved cuz the strings are still in same spot. Gave me a referral to have a vaginal ultrasound if symptoms persist for a week. I'm praying it all works out fine but I'm not feeling so good about it because this has been such a different experience, sucks being a chick sometimes!! ;(

  5. ive had mirena in me since the birth of my first child in aug of 2010. The beginning few months were fine, so side effects, couldnt feel it. Now it is just starting to hit me im sick all the time like when i was pregnant, nausious, headaches, and im now seeing colostrum leaking out of my nipples im wondering if i may be pregnant again. But i can still feel my strings so i dont know. could i be pregnant?

  6. mine actually came out today on its own.  it was in for almost a year.  its that time of the month for me and on the second day i was in an enormous amount of pain.  so i think that the pain was from the mirena passing through my cervix.  but i didn't actually feel it.  i only knew today because i was doing my thing in the bathroom and saw the strings.  to be honest, the mirena was the worst thing i could've done to myself because i had nothing but problems since it was put in.  so i will not be getting another one...ever!

  7. I had my mirena IUD put in three days ago. I experienced SEVERE cramping to the point where I could hardly walk, all kinds of crazy discharge...finally day three the cramping subsided...only for me to feel the plastic sticking out of me when I went to the bathroom.

  8. i had mirena coil fitted 2 yrs ago, because of heavy periods. it did reduce my periods, drastically so, but also id had the spotting throughout the month and not just during periods. i hear that for some, the coil stops periods alltogether, which wasnt the case with me. still, i was happy with the way things were going with it. i had no side effects. you could say, i was 90% pleased with it (the 10% is the spotting which was annoying). about a month ago, i noticed a much heavier bleeding (about the same as i would have during a period id had before the mirena) and it wouldnt stop for days. that prompted me to check whats going on. i found the coil was still inside me, but i could tell it was expelled as the strings were much lower so i pulled it out. i would imagine the bleeding has happened as a result of the coil being expelled? tho it could also be that the bleeding caused  the coil expulsion? the heavy bleeding (clots and all) is still going on, a whole month now. some days more than others, and today seems like the worst day of all. i coudlnt leave the house cause of the bleeding. forgot to mention, a couple weeks ago i went to see my doctor, whos prescribed a 10 day of 5mg norethisterone. it was supposed to stop the bleeding  which obviously didnt happen. i am seeing her again tomorrow.

  9. hi, Ive had my Mirena in for nearly a year (an attempt to control severe endometriosis) I felt nauseas and had headaches for the first 3 months and i noticed my personal odour changed. My Gyno told me to hang in there as things may settle. The headaches stayed. My periods started coming every 2 weeks and lasted 5-6 days (usually 3 days b4). Ive gained weight altho my GP told me it the Mirena was too localised to have that side effect. Im used to bad cramps due to the endo but these have subsided since having the IUD. My Mirena strings were only just touchable with effort until y/day when  I noticed they were very low and then there was my Mirena, in my hand. No clotting, no blood, it just came out!!! I hated it, now I just have to hope that the endo effects dont return too fast and I manage to go without having to get another one.

  10. Mine came out in the shower and I didn't even know until it was laying in the bottom of my tub.  Tell your inlaws to back off....

  11. I am 24, no kids. I got my paragard inserted a few days ago, on February 15th.... I cramped that evening ALOT... the insertion was a breeze, and I really didn't start cramping until a few hours after I was home. I laid in bed, taking motrin and alieve with a heating pad on my stomach meanwhile cramping heavily. Ive been in Depo for years and havent had a period or a cramp since I can remember. The next morning, I woke up and was completely pain and cramp free... like the whole thing never happened. That night I decided to check to see what the strings felt like for the first time, and felt this knot in the strings close to my cervix... I knew that wasn't normal... so the next morning I called the gyno when I woke up and told them. They had me come in and the looked inside to find the end of my IUD sticking out of my cervix. So my cramping had stopped because my uterus had pushed it down to my cervical canal. They said my cramping was so intense my uterus pushed it out. I am having a new one put in on March 1st... hoping I can get this to work I really want this. Has anyone had a similar situation and success after?? I was wondering if taking a muscle relaxant that would calm my uterine contractions would help my uterus get used to it being there before it cramps it out?? Any help is much needed!!

  12. I got mine put in on Jan 10th and it came out today Feb 7th. I did not fell it. I noticed my strings a day or so but i did not think that it was coming out. I got tired of the strings poking me and I tride to put it back in. That is when i felt the actual IUD. it came out. Wow! I feel that it should not have been that easy to come out. No pain no nothing. I'm too mad. It hurt to get in put in, it should have hurt to come out. I wont get it again.

  13. I have had my IUD since 11/12/10, it just fell out today 2/3/11. I have had heavy bleeding the last few days and felt a little pain a couple of times today, so I thought I would check. Sure enough the strings were right there, i pulled on them and it came out.

  14. I have had my Mirena for four years, in March....I have always checked it after my menstrul cycle, because that is what my doc advised me to do.....Lately It feels as if it has moved, I can feel more than just the tips of the strings (usually felt two strings, which is more like fishing line)....Is it falling out, or is this normal?

  15. I've had the IUD for a year. Just went for my check up this morning and doctor could not find the string. Did an ultrasound and nothing! If it did fall out I never felt or saw it. It's very strange but I hope that's what happened and it didn't absorb into my uterine wall heard that is very dangerous :(

  16. I've had the IUD for a year. Just went for my check up this morning and doctor could not find the string. Did an ultrasound and nothing! If it did fall out I never felt or saw it. It's very strange but I hope that's what happened and it didn't absorb into my uterine wall heard that is very dangerous :(

  17. I had a Merina inserted 5wks ago....I have been sooo depressed and cant think straight, no s*x drive,I have realised my head pounds

    when I stand up after playing with my son,wierd cramps and I have bled constantly,last night s*x was painfull and my husband could feel what he thought were the I have had two wierd mucas pug like

    strands come out-not waiting for my 6wk check up,Im going to the Doc this arvo to get it out,really ladies,we arnt meant to have

    foreign objects in our bodies are we,I wish there was a male pill available in Oz Id put it in

    my husbands sandwiches for work hehehehe!

  18. Well I had my Mirena IUD inserted in June 09 and and it came out on XMAS morning while I was still on my menstral. Well it didn't actually come out, I felt the strings hanging so I pulled it out.(I mean it shouldn't be that low why leave it?)  The only issues I had while it was in was a little extra cramping and heavier bleeding during the first two days of my menstral. Besides that I was happy with it. I don't want it back though, Why would I? I want something I can count on. And if it's gonna just come out, why even get it? I thought it was un common but as I see...It isn't.

  19. I think my mirena just came out.  I didn't feel anything but saw something in the toilet and now not sure if my stirngs are there.  When it comes out do you just see the device or is it covered in mucus? (I'm having a period now)

  20. who had their copper iud come out?

  21. I have have two of these iuds put in, since sept 2010 and both have fallen out. i have a tilted uterius so maybe that is why they don't stay in. I got it with the hopes of lessoning my period flow. i have very heavy period with large clots, and both time the iud came out with a clot during my period. i did not fell anything, till it passed with the clot it, but had no pain. i noticed the second time it came out that my uterius was contracting so maybe that was a sign it was being expelled.

    I have not had s*x with anyone so that wasnt a factor. i was looking into the novasure procedure but forget that after reading about it. my only problem is a heavy flow and i am on blood thinners now and my doc was concerned about my anemia. ill just take some iron pills and call it a day. part of me wasn't to comfortable with getting rid of my periods, they are there for a reason besides having babies. i have decided to not be a test subject for the fda/drug companies.

  22. I had my son July 2009, it's been a year since I had my mirena....but recently it's going to be a month since my period, i'm having little cramps, headache's, & I check to see if I can feel my strings but I can't feel them at all....I just hope it didn't fall out, but can you at least see your mirena iud come out???

  23.  Today is Christmas eve 2010, and believe it or not mines just came out On its Own! lol i really dont know what to do???

  24. I had my IUD inserted in Jan of 2007.  The last two days I have had cramping, which is unusual for me, but no bleeding.  I am trying to figure out if it has come out or not since I usually don't get cramps even before I had it except mild.  Don't know what to do or think.

  25. I had the Merina put in me after my Son was born 08/19/09- I haven't had my period for almost a year until a couple of days ago. I noticed some pretty big clots. Then I noticed the string sticking out of me. 0.o Then the whole thing fell out the next day. I will never use the Merina again. It made me gain wait, depressed, and made my s*x drive go away and did not want to have s*x because it hurt. I will never have anything put in me again. I am going to stick with the pill.

  26. I have had an IUD for the last 4 1/2 years ue to come out in march. For the last 3 weeks I have had my period with severe cramping, nausea, and extreme fatigue.Initially i thought it was my ovarian cyst rupturing but now i think is more. I too was told genrally they do not come out but now I am questioning this because of the blogs I have read. I had a pelvic MRI for other reasons and notice the IUD was tilted at a 90 degree angle and was told that was normal. I have never been able to feel my strings since have them clipped 2 years ago. So how far up sre those strings. I guess I need to schedule an appoinment to have it checked out instead of having them verbally diagnose me over the phone. Any thoughts, what make the IUD all of the sudden fall out?

  27. What a nightmare!!!  I had the Mirena put in when my third child was a year old.  I was still nursing and did not like the hormones in it but was told how it is so safe and no side effects.  Placing it was a breeze no pain just mid discomfort.  The first thing was that the dr left the strings WAY too long they were hanging out and poking me.  I was told to wait till the first after check and she would trim them.  This in itself is good birth control as who wants to have s*x with strings hanging out?  Then the real trouble started.  I began to spot and bleed for 8 weeks straight!!!  Called the dr only to be told it would improve...WRONG when my first normal period came it was anything BUT normal!  Clots the size of baseballs, heavy bleeding for 10 days, terrible mood swings, hair loss,unbelievable cramps,weight gain the list goes on!  Called the dr only to be told this is normal.  They assured me that it was not the hormones in the IUD causing my problems but that they would give me oral progesterone to control the bleeding.  uhm I was trying to AVOID hormones people!  What happened to no side effects?  In between the episodes I could feel the stupid thing poking me.  When I was finally able to have s*x it was terribly painful.  This went on for about 5 months until I started my period again with the terrible PMS and clots.  I was in a port a potty of all places after passing a HUGE blood clot I still felt something poking me reach down to find my IUD hanging out of me.  I did not feel the actual expulsion just the clot.  My symtoms began to improve the minute that stupid thing came out!  My periods back to normal 6 day no clotting at all.  How can they say it was not the IUD causing the problem?  Now I checked into getting a tubal as I am 35 and cannot do any thing else...then I find POST TUBAL LIGATION SYNDROME so much for that idea!  How frustrating that we must suffer such effects to prevent prenancy.  Why won't they tell us the truth?  I say there is BIG MONEY in BC and they will not be honest about the side effects!

  28. Hey There....MY Mirena IUD just fell out about two hours ago.....I DID NOT FEEL A THING........I have had it in about 10 months and I am FURIOUS because my OBGYN did not want to take it out when I asked her to.  I had it a month and had bled HEAVILY that entire month.  She checked it and said I needed to wait it out (at least a year) because it would progressively get better.  So for the last 9 months I bled for a month (dark spotting) with 2 weeks of no blood.  This last time I noticed a lot more blood than usual...but didnt think much of it.  Well tonite I went to pee and just happened to look in the toilet (I dont usually do that but I wanted to see if I had dropped a lot of blood) and THERE IT WAS with a huge clot....thank GOD I looked.....I would never have known...I did not feel anything!!!!!!!!!  I'm so mad..........

  29. My IUD came out on 2 different occassion both times I didn't know, I just happen to notice it wasn't there. The first time I went to the doctor and had another one put in. Abour a year later it too came out I am completely baffled at you this happens. I never saw it come out or felt it come out. Tell your family this is true your not the only one.

  30. Ive had my IUD in for almost 3 years i had severe cramps a year ago but suddenly it stopped. I have been spotting the last 3 weeks which is abnormal for me and i have never been able to feel the strings. So i got this checked out and sure enough my IUD has fallen out un-noticed. So it does happen

  31. I had my first Mirena for 5 years, it was fabulous.  A few months ago I had the old one removed and my second Mirena inserted.

    My first few periods after the second one was inserted were ok, nothing I noticed wrong, this time though, I am on day 6 of excessive heavy bleeding, boosted my iron tablets because I felt so low with the blood loss.  Tonight the cramping became worse, I walked through my lounge room to get a glass of milk to take some pain killers and felt this sensation like a large clot expelling, sure enough my Mirena was in the middle of the clot.

    I had noticed the strings were lower, they were actually digging into my labia and quite uncomfortable, but checked and couldnt feel the Mirena, obviously now I realise it was on its way out.

    Im going to print this page and take it with me, so my Gyn cant tell me its rare, after over $300 for a visit to him to get the bloody thing inserted, Ill be damned if he's going to charge me another cent because he says its rare.  It so oviously isnt.

    My field is sexual health therapy, and whilst studying my Masters I have never heard of these issues with the Mirena and heavy bleeding.

    I wont get another, not after the bleeding and pain this past week.  Hopefully Ill feel better now the blasted thing has passed.

  32. I had mirena put in yesterday. I have had the worst abdominal cramps ever. The IUD came out today. What a waste of money and what a horrible pain to go thru.


  34. my mirena came out tonite,in a big clot. do i need to go to the hospital? can i wait until my doctor's office opens in 2 days?

  35. well ive had mirena for a little over a year... and yes it can come out and you cannot feel it because that happened to me... i was at work and i was going pee and i remembered that i had not checked it in like 2 months because you are suppose to check it every month to make sure you can feel the strings... well anyway i went to check it and felt the plastic so i tried to see if i could feel the threads and just movin my finger a little bit made it come out all the way and honestly i didnt even feel it come out... so yes it is possible to not feel it especially because you were having cramps too.

  36. I had my first mirena inserted  over a year ago. Shortly after insertion, I started experiencing all sorts of problems including increadibly terrible acne, thinning hair, severe depression, weight gain, constant fatigue, pain in lower abdomen, lots of bleeding... Just about every side effect they warn you about and then some!  I kept it in for a year because my doctor kept trying to reassure me that its very rare to be having all these problems with it and he hopes they will soon deminish.  Well one night, after days of increadible  cramping, I was taking a shower and noticed the strings out of me. So I just felt for it, and there it was. The doctor said it is absolutly possible for it to come out and you not feel it. Even if it is still in your v****a. Like me.  He also said that it should not have come out a year after insertion so he opted tohave another one implanted. Stupid me listened to him. My uterus is folded in half long ways, so during the second insertion, he had to pull my cervix hard to try and straighten out my uterus to get the mirena in past the bend in my uterus. I literally thaught I was going to pass out on the table from the pain. And the pain afterwards lasted for days. So I started my cycle a few days ago with a ton of bleeding and blood clotting. Nothing I have ever experienced before. And constant cramping. And like one woman had said, I was pulling out my tampon and the mirena just came out with it.  Hadnt had it in for 2 wks yet. So now my doctor thinks my body is just really sensitive to the mirena, which he says is rare. But after doing my own research on the topic, Ive come to find out that im not so rare after all.  Millions of women have experienced the same symptoms that we are talking about. Some of which they say the mirena has ruined their life from all the depresseion. So now I say before getting something planted into your body, do more research on side effects. And dont think it wont happen to you. I hate the mirena. I have so many things that have gone wrong with my body since I had that thing.  All of a sudden my thyriod doesnt work well anymore, so now I have to take meds for that for THE REST OF MY LIFE. I had painful cysts on my ovaries, which is also a side effect of the mirena. I also dont produce enough estrogen all of a sudden. So now Im stuck taking estrogen pills that menopause women have to take. And I still havent gotten the acne under control. And Im only 24. And after doing research, all this stuff im saying, CAN happen. And its NOT as rare as these doctors are telling us. So now my doc says there is this new thing coming out called "essure."  It is a permenant tubal sterilazation. They implant these little coils, kinda the same way they do the mirena, except into the falopian tubes. And after 3 months, your tubes grow together permanently. Never again to release an egg. And he assured me that it is safe because there are no hormones and it is made out of the same material they use for stints in people during bypass surguries. And they stay in permenantly.  But here's the catch... its only had 5 years of research. Five!!!!  And these ppl that are getting stints in their hearts are not 20 and 30 yr olds. They are generally 50s and 60's.  So with this "essure", those coils will be in your body for another 20 to 30 years! And how do we know that something terrible wont happen in that ammount of time.  I dont want to turn 45 and find out i have cancer because of those things in me for longer than they had researched.  If it were 30 yrs of research, that may be different, but its only 5 yrs! I cant believe doctors are even offering it when they dont even know what its going to do to our bodies! Kinda like the mirena, huh? So yes, everything you all mentioned absolutly CAN happen. And dont let the doctor or your family fool you, its not rare. But how would these companies make thier money if they told us what could really happen to us?  Just something to think about before we have something put in us.  :)

  37. I've had the I U D in for six months.  In the beginning, I had cramps and some spotting everyday, to the point that I was going to have it removed.  But then both symptoms disappeared with time and I decided to keep it in.  Three days ago I started my period with extreme bleeding and clots, the exact reason I had the I U D in the first place.  Today when I went to change my tampon, there was my I U D coming out also, wrapped in a blood clot.  The doctor's office made it sound like it is extremely rare for that to happen and they want me to have some lab work done before coming in.  She said something must have pushed it out.  Now this has me really worried, my first thought goes to tumor.  Has anyone else had this happen and been able to see their doctor, if so, what were you told made the I U D come out?

  38. I had the Mirena Inserted 3months ag, my period over thelast 2 months lasted 2 weeks, then my last period lasted about 10 days then it stopped for 3 days then they came again not sa heavy tho. Could my mirena of fallen out?? i cant remember if i had clotting? please help..

  39. I had my iud inserted 2 years. I started having pains in my lower stomach shortly after it was inserted. Ive seen my doctor numerous times and he said he could still see the strings and that everything is okay. So this past week on thursday i was in the hospital for 9hrs. I was in so much pain i could hardly move. I let the doctor know i had an iud inserted and he decided to see if he could see the iud and see if that was cause of my pain. Turns out the iud is no where in sight. He said that it is possible that it shifted and because i have a calapsed uterus, the iud could have simply shifted but still not good because this would mean its not doing its job! Due to the excrutiating pain my guess is it may have fallen out but now i will have wiat until July 3rd to find out whats going on. And yes according to studies it is definatly possible for the iud to fall out on its own, as not every womens body is made the same. But for those wondering, if you notice severe clotting or unusual pain, dont panic but see a doctor right away but do keep in mind there are symptoms of having the iud with the hormones some worse for some women then others. When you get the iud ask your doctor before you leave to read you the list of syptoms to watch for.

  40. okay so I havent even had mine in for a year! I havent had any cramps just headaches now all of a sudden it comes out whil I am wiping this is  crazy didnt expect this! but I will be having another one put in come monday ASAP!

  41. i felt mine come out! it was in a big blood clot

  42. I had my IUD placed Dec 17, 2009.  I experienced pain and an ongoing period after insertion.  However, my period pretty much disappeared after a month or two.  Now it is April 28, 2010 and my IUD expelled itself.  Leading up to this, I experienced hormonal changes that I had not been having since I got the  Mirena.  My b*****s were EXTREMELY tender and sore for about a week and a half, followed by a period.  My period started out as just some slightly bloody mucus, then progressed into a regular period and had since reduced to almost gone until this morning. About an hour after placing a "regular" tampon, I suddenly had breakthrough bleeding.  I then replaced my tampon with a "super" tampon.  Within an half an hour, I felt a cramping in my uterus and I started to have breakthrough bleeding again.  I went the the restroom to find that the Mirena expelled itself, past the tampon! (Yes, the "super" tampon was still in place AFTER the IUD came out) I immediately called my GYN and they made me an appointment for this afternoon to see why it came out.  Hopefully they can replace it because the whole reason I got it was because of extremely HEAVY, painful and long periods.  This Mirena has been great relief for me.

  43. I had my second iud put it on march 29, 2010 after i had it put on a starting feeling like the life was drained out of me.Today i thought i better check the strings to make sure they were in there right and to my suprise i felt the strings hanging out.I was cramping i has a headache two weeks anywayz yes mine did come out and i feel alot better now

  44. I had the Mirena IUD for nearly 5 years. It works like a dream. And I'm extremely fertile with 3 children and no problems conceiving. So I KNOW it works.

    It just came out tonight in an unusually large clot. Since the clot was unusually large I checked it and saw something that looked like a string and some white. So I examined it more closely suspecting that it was the Mirena and sure enough, there it was completely in tact. So I'll be calling my Dr. to have a new one inserted.

    Mirena works great. Much better than the pill because the hormones are so much lower and you don't have to think about it. I love Mirena!

    I think those of you who had problems with it coming out early should check a few things:

    1. Your Dr. may not have inserted it correctly;
    2. If you've never had children, this may be something to consider since it was designed for women who've had kids (at least that's who they promote it to);
    3. If you have a toxic diet & lifestyle (lots of processed food, white sugar, white flour, soda, etc.) your body may be weaker in handling "foreign objects";

    These are just thoughts and I'm not a doctor, but my experience with Mirena has been exceptional so I thought I'd share these as they may help.

  45. I had a mirena for 1 1/2 years .It worked great until tonight when it suddenly came out and no I didn't feel it.I suddenly started my period and it was extremely heavy. I only happened to check because I had such heavy bleeding and there it was.It completely came out.

  46. I am 3 month's pregnant and my mirena has fell out and i had no sign's did'nt even feel it come out i was really upset it was almost a year of having the Mirena and the birth control is nowhere to be found i've had ton's of sonogram's nothing so if it happen to me it can happen to anyone and you can not pull it out your self you could tare you wall inside so i hope this help's you...

  47. I had the IUD in august 2008.Last week i seen a long red string after i used the bathroom and second time in bathroom it wa a real small one.Could this be my iud strings?

  48. How deep should in put my finger in before I feel the string? Will it be an obvious feel of sting?

  49. I recently had my mirena come out.  It felt like a tiny cramp...and I mean tiny...cause ive had serious cramp...The only reason I knew it was coming out was checking on the strings, I felt the plastic and freaked...I went to my obgyn right away. Sometime between when i felt the plastic bottom of it and seeing my dr it was just chilling in my canal...all the way out. So yeah its possible that while you were having all these just came out and u didnt know.

  50. I only had my mirena in for 2 weeks and it felt out last night. and I'm not getting another one but just curious how long will the bleeding last? the nurse for a couple of days?

  51. I had my IUD put in in the beginning of October and the bleeding was finally ceasing after 3 months. This past weekend, it started up again and got increasingly heavy, with painful cramps. I was going to schedule an appointment with my doctor but this morning as I was showering, a large blood clot fell out from me and made a somewhat strange noise when it landed. I didn't get to it in time to see for sure if it was the IUD, but I already feel better and the bleeding has slowed down a lot! I hope it fell out!

  52. According to the Dr. at this site, it's called a silent expulsion.

  53. I had mine put in on the 4th of Dec. I spotted lightly off and on for the next few weeks, had a period (which was much lighter than it ever was normally) for about six to seven days maybe? It was just a bit heavier than the spotting and had some clots.
    Anyhow, a few days ago I started bleeding again like I was on my period before, heavier than spotting so instead of liners, I was using tampons. Today, I had a bigger clot so I decided to feel around for the strings and instead felt the tip of the IUD sticking out! I freaked and called the doctor and they said to just go have it taken out Monday and have a new one put in. I seem to notice the common theme in them falling out is heavy bleeders though, like me.
    Anyhow, if I hadn't reached up to check for it and hadn't thought to because of the bleeding, I would not have known it was coming out otherwise. I don't feel it coming out at all right now and I'm actually afraid that if it does come out before Monday and I miss it, that I won't be able to get a new one (insurance) without it.

  54. i had the mirena inserted the 4th dec 2009 i had bleeding and cramping for a week and on the 1st jan it just came out in a blood clot after a day of heavy bleeding.It wasn't pianful just very light cramps i called my dr and he inserted a new one. Since then i have had dizziness and alot of spotting and i can feel it inside i feel sore i'm going to wait for my next period to see what happens. I have a fibbrous and enlarged uterus so i get very heavy and painful periods. my last period was not so bad but, so i hope this mirena stays in for a bit longer!

  55. I recently got the IUD put in, felt find. When I came home about an hour later I felt I had to go lay down. Started with terrible cramps, went to the bathroom had diarra and pounding headache and terrible nausea. Practically crawled to bed. Havnt felt like my self, depressed tired and more headaches.
    A week later wanted to check to see if IUD was there, felt the string and it bascially fell in my hand. Now I am bleeding and passed my first large blood cloth. I feel like my self again and will not get another of the same inserted.
    Should of stuck with the copper...

  56. Ive had the Mirena in place for 14 months and havent had a single period, it has been fab, yesterday I woks up with bad cramps and had blood running down my legs, when I stood up i passed about 6 clots bigger than eggs, this continued all day till i started feeling faint.  I got taken to the emergency room where it was confirmed that my Mirena had been expelled.  I have been given tablets to stop the bleeding and cramps but am still bleeding very heavily and still passing lots of large clots.  I have 5 children (all conceived on contraception...this is my 6 method of birth control!!!)  They wont sterilise me (even though I am 31) luckily tests revealed I am not pregnant but im now petrified of getting pregnant!! I now have to have scans to locate where the Mirena is (if I havent flushed it away in a clot) as my stomach is very tender to touch and they think it mite be embedded sumwhere!!! Its tuff being a woman!!!  I cm to get pregnant by just looking at my other half!! Is it sooo common for all contraception to fail??????

  57. i had probs with mirena 4 yrs ago with an unexpected unwanted pregnancy.i had no idea it had come out and wondering if i had ectopic i had an ultrasound to look for it! Sometimes, dr said it can become embedded...who invented this problematic device? More recently had mirena inserted again..6 weeks later after unending bleeding and cramps, bloating, it expelled within half an hour of me deciding i would have it removed. Came out after tampon within a clot, painless. It was my body saying it had had enough of mirena!

  58. I had my baby on Sept 12 2009, and about a week ago, i had the IUD inserted, a couple of days ago, i had sever cramping, but along with it came bathroom visits, then these past few days i've had intercourse several times, and there was a little blood when i used the restroom earlier, and im not quite sure i can feel strings, but i do feeel something.
    so im not quite sure it's still in or not.

  59. My periods stopped about 3 months after having the Mirena inserted.  I did not even have signs of pms.  I had always had VERY heavy bleeding and severe cramping/clotting with my periods.  About 10 months after getting the Mirena, I experienced severe cramping like I previously had before starting a period.  I decided to check for the strings, and I could feel the very end of the Mirena sticking out.  I decided to pull it the rest of the way in hopes that it would relieve the cramping.  It came out very easily, surrounded by a large clot.  I certainly felt the symptoms of expulsion, but you could not feel the Mirena itself coming out at all.  I am certain that had I not helped it along, the Mirena would have fully expelled on its own and I can absolutely believe that someone would not feel it.

  60. i had the IUD for a month, and also had cramps n bleeding like never before over 4weeks, that frist week of the 2nd month then i way getting ready for work, it felt like somthing was pching me from the inside so i checked it if the string wae there, it was there but it came down so i had it taking out and after it was taking out i was bleeding over 6days n after that i ever had my monthys i taking test but it said im not preago and i can only see my doc next month, dose any1 know whatit means?

  61. I had my son 3-7-09. 6 weeks after having him I had the IUD inserted. The last few times having intercourse it hurt. (The iud was dislodged from it's proper position). I didn't think anything of it cause I felt inside and I could still feel the strings. The last few days i've been experiencing cramping like i'm about ready to start my period. But that cramping wasn't my period about ready to start, it was the iud working itself the rest of the way out. I was in the shower last night and I was doing my regular string check and the stings felt so low like they were tampon stings hanging out. So I pulled a little and it came right out. It's been 32 days since the last day of my last period. So i'm extremley worried.

  62. I have had the IUD for almost two years. I had a lot of cramping with this last cycle. Yesterday I had a huge clot come out, and happened to see it before I flushed. My IUD was in it!! I didn't feel any pinch or anything at all! I have four kids, and do not want any more. So yes, it is COMPLETELY possible that it came out and you flushed it!

  63. I had the mirena iud put in last September of 2008.  In June 2009 I began to have cramping but no different for me than the previous months with the iud in.  When I went to check for it in July I couldn't feel the strings.  I contacted my dr and they did an ultrasound to see if they could find it and before they did and x-ray they gave me a prego test and it was positive.  My boyfriend and his family felt the same way that I had pulled it out or I purposely got pregnant.  The thing is I already have 3 kids and I was on birth control to prevent having anymore until I was ready.  But I didn't feel the iud come out either.  I am due to have this baby in March and I will be getting my tubes tied after this one.  I don't want to try more birth control methods and then not have them work for me.  So I understand how you feel becuase mine came out and I never felt it at all.

  64. I had the Mirena IUD inserted on August 31, 2009 which was 2 days ago.  I had more cramps yesterday and more bleeding than the day I got it inserted.
    Today I woke up feeling fine and hardly any bleeding so I went to run errands when all of the sudden I felt blood coming out and shortly after, I felt something inside pinching me and coming down.  I went to the bathroom and a blood clot came out with the IUD in it! I called my GYN and they asked me to come in tomorrow with the IUD in a Ziplock.  At this point, I think I'm not going to have another one put it.  It seems my body has rejected it.  I'm a heavy Bleeder and was trying to avoid getting Novasure or a Hysterectomy cause of my High out of pocket deductable.  I'm not bleeding much now so I guess I'm going to wait and see what happens. :|

  65. *Well i've had an iud for a little over a year. about 3 months ago i felt really bad cramps. but i seriously think it might have fallen out. But if someone is trying to prevent pregnancy they wouldn't purposely pulled it out. All that matters is what you know. And if they don't want to believe you then thats their problem. what matters too though is that your husband believes you. IF he doesn't then there is a serious problem there. that you an him need to sit down and talk it out.

  66. I had terrible cramps and lots of bleeding for a day...mine came out. I never felt a thing or saw it.  It's completely possible!

  67. I have had 3 different IUDs all have expelled on their own. I felt two when they came out, but one IUD came out unnoticed. People's bodies are different.

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