Anyone with an IUD feel like this?

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Not really a big question, but I have an IUD and I have baby fever soo bad for the past few months!! My hubby and I have said we will have it taken out in 2009 to get pregnant but I feel like I just can't wait! I have two healthy toddlers but I had them back to back only 15 months apart and now that they are 2 1/2 and almost 4 I am desperately wanting to be pregnant again...2009 just seems so far away! Anyone else feel this way? Thanks




  1. My oldest are 12 & 8.

    My new baby is 6 weeks, I got the Mirena because I wanted to make sure that there is at least a few years gap in between my new baby & any future children.

    2009 really isn't that far off, since you both agreed to the wait keep to it.

    It is much better for your partners peace of mind to know that you kept to your agreement.

  2. I definatly feel that way!  I have to get mine taken out in March 2009.  It seems SO SO SO far away.  While I have baby fever, my husband does not.  We have one child who is now 4 1/4 and he is perfectly happy with that.  So in our case, I guess its good we have to wait to decide what we will do.

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