Indianapolis Colts yet to agree terms with QB Andrew Luck, sign other rookies-NFL News

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Indianapolis Colts yet to agree terms with QB Andrew Luck, sign other rookies-NFL News
A breakthrough has not been reported in the negotiations between the Indianapolis Colts and rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck, but a deal is anticipated in the near future.
In absence of information on the present status of the talks between Colts’ managers and the player’s agent, the projection of numbers on the rookie’s prospective contract remains down to guesswork.
A figure closer to rather authentic estimates turns out to be $22 million that Cam Newton, the top QB pick of the 2011 National Football League (NFL) draft, had received on his four-year contract from the Carolina Panthers.
Some of the commentators who closely follow the deal matters are of the view that the mentioned figure is the standard payout a rookie can expect maximum from his employers in the pro league.
So Luck is also expected to earn more or less the same amount from the Colts. However, an option to get his terms revised is always there.
A superb performance during his rookie year can definitely earn him an opportunity to get his financial terms improved. It will be very much down to his relationship with the management, and even more to his form and performance.
Colts are in a dire situation at present and looking for players who can help them bounce back from the miserable ending a season earlier.
The performance of the QB remains the most crucial part of the management’s scheme of turnaround, and if Luck successfully walks in the shoes of their former star, Peyton Manning, he can expect any benefit from the owner, Jim Irsay.
Meanwhile, it is expected that the situation around the prospective deal for Luck is going to be clearer in the next few days.
The Indianapolis Colts have already made progress on the deals for other rookies.
As of May 16, they have landed contracts to four of their ten rookies, while aiming to sign the remaining group swiftly.
Chandler Harnish, Vick Ballard, Tim Fugger and LaVon Brazill are those players who signed their respective contracts with the team, lately.



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