I want to start business in chennai with 2 lakh investment.kindly suggest me?

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kindly suggest me




  1. Good offer
    Dear all every one need money & every one invest money
    Wanted Part Time/Full Time Marketing Executives / area manager
    This is networking marketing business
    for Royal Twinkle Star Club Ltd./ Bajaj Life Insurance & General Insurance / IFFCO-TOKIO
    1) two year, Three Year, Four year, Five year, Five & Half year, Six & Half year & Nine year. Fix Deposit, Pension Plan,
    2) six & half year you will get Double amount & in the plan of nine year you will get Triple amount
    Twinkle is a project oriented company.custmer can take a club, resort membership or interest on investment. Nature of Business: Cell Club OR Resort Membership Head Office: Dadar (e), Mumbai, Maharashtra Product: 32 Different types of Project (e.g. Hotels, Wind Energy, Cloths, Realtors etc) education, film industry, construction, information technology, tour and travels etc.
    Company total expiry -last 16 successful Years, Investment Scheme: Monthly RD (Recurring Deposits), FD (Fix Deposit).Pension Plans etc.
    Company has got the assets of more than Rs 8000/- crores of rupess. These assets are totally in the name of the Company only not in the name of CMD and Directors. Company is functioning in around 40 branches. All these branches are functioning in their OWN places not on RENTED places. More than 5 lacs persons are working as full time or parttime basis. Because of this Company, many persons raised from Zero to Hero levels. This company has changed many persons life style in a glorious ways. Company going to invest Rs 400/-crores in hospitality business. There is a challenge put up by the CMD of the company " Prove me a single case about the default of the maturity amount I will pay ONE Lac rupees on the spot" safe and suraxit .
    Monthly income at least minimum 5000/- and above. Income depends on your business, commission basis, evry plan good comm.
    Contact:- Mr.surve, mob.9969307528 / 8097720109 /

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