I want 2 start small business of my own ,i have a budget of 15-20 lakhs.suggest me long term profitable busi?

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hi i have completed my graduation this year,i am from hyderabad, india.i have no experience.i am confused what to do pls help me out..........




  1. contact me on i can share the opportunity with you to invest in Thailand and have high returns. As i have a business Idea and i am looking for investers. This idea relates India-Thailand and China. Contact me if you are interested in it.



  2. Event Management Company, of your own.

  3. Start a consultancy. Best business in hyderbad.

  4. start retail selling of consumer durables like hair oil ,soap, tooth paste etc  

  5. there are no guarantees in life - better doa  lot of research and find something that interests you and then research and write a business plan to see if that business can make a profit and a living for you

  6. collect details frm dis site - glopal data entry

  7. visit the following url

  8. Three words for you

    Marijuana grow operation

  9. invest in real estate. money will grow definitly.

    Depositing the money in the bank is not a good deal. Bank gives u 10% at the most while the inflation rate is much more than that.

    it means no growth.

      go for some real estate.

  10. Me and my friend who is a designer had a plan to open a fabrication unit.It needs just 5 lakhs investment.If you are intrested then mail me.

  11. I am from Bangladesh, You can go for export/import.

    I am facing the same problem. But I do have some experiences.

    You have to find out the best opportunity,

    for further

    thanks and good luck

  12. A=I have the money .

    X=I have the experience.

    After some years A had the money and X had the money.

    The thing depends on personal skills in one field atleast u do not have then deposit the money in THE BANK to get the interest. Some amount can be under double benefit scheme --taking the amount at the time of maturity. U do have a family ,what is their profession/ try in that. If  it is inherited property then bank is the only solution.. 1st see your OWN SKILL  BASED ON YOUR OWN DESIRE IF NO THEN GO AND ACQUIRE..

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