Publishing name change in the official gazette (at Bangalore)?

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Hi, Can anybody please let me know the procedure to publish my name change in Karnataka government gazette. Where can I get this done in Bangalore? Please let me know the address of the governement offices at Bangalore where I can apply for my name change to be published in the gazette.

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  1.  hi,

    please find below the details:

    No.3,Government Printing Press,Vikasa Soudha, Dr Ambedkar Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore - 56000. Ph: +(91)-80-22034977




  2. Dear Friend,

    I dont know the address of Karnataka Printing Press. But yes, you can publish your name of change request in Government of India gazette. No matter to which city/state you belongs to.

    The first step in the name change process is to obtain a stamp paper worth Rs. 5. In some states stamp paper of Rs. 5 is not easily available, but Rs. 10 stamp paper will also do.

    On this stamp paper, you need to type out an affidavit which should state:

    • your father’s name,

    • your place of residence,

    • your present name and

    • your new name by which you want to be known now.

    The second step is to contact the offices of any leading newspaper in your locality and advertise the change of your name indicating clearly your present name, your father’s or husband’s name, your address and your new name.

    Having carried out Step 1 and Step 2, the next step is to get your new name printed in the Official Gazette. To do this, you need to take a plain sheet of paper and type (please don’t write) the following to be printed in Official Gazette, filling in your details as necessary:

    “I hitherto known as………Son /Daughter/ Wife of…………Employed as ………………residing at…………...have changed my name and shall hereafter be known as .… It is certified that I have complied with other legal requirements in this connection.

    [Signature of Applicant, i.e., your signature]

    Witness No. 1


    Full Name


    Witness No. 2


    Full Name


    (As is clear, this declaration will need to be signed by two witnesses, and you need to specify their full names and addresses as mentioned above.)

    Send an application to The Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54 requesting him to publish the above advertisement for change of your name enclosing:

    • The affidavit you signed in Step 1 (should be less than one year old)

    • The newspaper cutting advertising your change of name in Step 2 (should be less than one year old)

    • The declaration/advertisement you typed (in the form above) that is to be printed in the Official Gazette

    • Two passport size photographs (in case you are not going in person to submit the documents, you should have the photographs attested)

    • Demand draft for the fees for publishing, and extra copies if required (further details on fees below)

    Fees for publishing advertisement in the Official Gazette:

    The charge for printing the advertisement for change of name is Rs 700.

    A maximum of two extra copies of the Gazette can be supplied to you on an extra payment of Rs 35 per copy. So in case you need extra copies of the Gazette make sure you enclose a demand draft of Rs 35 each as well. The demand draft should be made in favor of Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.

    If you are changing your name to a name that is generally of a different religion without changing your religion, then you must also enclose an affidavit signed by the Sub Divisional Magistrate stating that you have not changed your religion. Further publication charge for such advertisement is Rs.900 instead of Rs 700 mentioned above.


    Take care...!!!!

  3. i don know where it is exactly.., its some where near mysoore road

  4. yes

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