Whats this dream mean?

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there was floating houses and one had a hammock. there was a (really hot) girl in the hammock just reclining. for some reason her bra slid off. next i was on a bed with the same girl performing foreplay(which was wierd because i know nothing of foreplay and ive never even kissed a girl before.) can anyone tell me what this means




  1. dreaming of s*x indicates your sexual desire in your waking life. the floating house indicates sort of going with the flow, laid back, enjoying the moment, relaxing, hence the hammock.

  2. Plenty of things: in your dream you were expierementing. Also try remembering if the girl represents any girl youve ever met. It might mean shes one you desire. The hammock and relaxing scene you paint might be the romance you desire.

  3. It's called a wet dream they are perfectly normal it means your dreaming about s*x.  
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