I'm 13 any suggestions on where i can get some money from?

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I was thinking of paper round but I dunno how to start.

Or if u can think of anything else accept for house work

(I have to do that anyway and dont get paid)




  1. Not a lot of options at 13  Paper round as you say .  Contact local paper shop  or the offices of any local free papers in your area,  Any of your friends do them  They can put you in touch with the local agent  else it is for family or neighbours,  Running errands etc    

  2. Paper round is a good option. I did this when I was 13. Remember if you are doing a paper round at christmas to send all your customers a christmas card and hopefully they'll leave you tips!

  3. Yuwie is a new social networking website (personally, I think it is better than the rest) which pays you to look at profiles, chat with friends, blog, and everything else you do on MySpace. Check out for more information and links to the site. Plus, you can get more for signing up your friends. If you sign up, send me a message on the site and I'll walk you through it.

  4. paper round sounds good [i have a few friends who do it]

    tutor someone [which what i do]


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