How can I make money at 15?

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Ok. obviously, i'm 15 and i need money.

The following jobs aren't available:

* lawn mower (i live in a d**n city)

* news deliverer (it gets delivered with the mail)

* McDonald's (they only hire 18+)

* babysitter (no one is willing to hire me.. and i hate kids ^^)

and please.. like.. something aside doing chores around the house?




  1. Most women hate washing windows.

    Offer to do chores that people hate to do.

    car washing

    wash dishes

    dusting and general cleaning around the house

  2. maybe you could find at a family friend's business.  

  3. How about being a dog walker. Lots of inner city people have a hard time giving their pets the excercise they need.

  4. try collecting other people's stuff that they are throwing out and sell it at its a really easy way to get money. my cousin collects junk from people's garbage and he makes about $15 a week.

  5. I have made a list of places that I have used (only free ones), I know they're all legit because I don’t list them until I've been paid by them. I do have survey sites listed; only the ones that I know for sure work. The 2nd place I listed is totally different. You design and run your own jewelry web store. You don't buy inventory or anything; you make commission from the sales. Nothing to lose by looking, it’s free. You can see my list and details on these places at  

  6. You will want to approach this with an entrepreneurial spirit. Be creative. If you have neighbors that have pets and you like animals then you could start a pet sitting service. You may want to ask around and see if there is anything that you could do for your neighbors that maybe is an inconvenience to them but would be easy for you to do. If they each agree to pay you a small amount weekly then all it takes is for you to line up 10 or more neighbors and then there you have it - a nice stable weekly income (and you can maybe even make your own schedule and not smell like french fries like if you had to work at McDonalds).

  7. i worked at mcd's at 15 and arbys at 14 any fast food place or even grocery store should hire you

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