What time do Wachovia deposits [in cash] go through?

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What time do Wachovia deposits [in cash] go through?




  1. If it's before 2p then same business day. If it's after 2p it's posted next business day.

  2. I used to work for Bank of America and it would take until the next business day to go in.  Even if it was cash.  If you put a cash deposit in and ask the tell to "make it available immediately" they are able to do that.  If not, the first $100 is available immediately and the rest will be available the following business day.  Beware of business day cut offs.  Bank of America would switch business days at 4pm, meaning anything deposited after that would not be deposited until 2 days later.

    Example: You make a $300 cash deposit on Monday at 2pm.  The first $100 you could get immediately, the rest wouldn't be available to withdraw until Tuesday morning.

    If you make the same deposit AFTER 4pm, the deposit wouldn't be available until Wednesday morning.

    hope this helps! (i know its not wachovia but most banks run the same way)

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