Have you ever had to break up with someone you really loved?

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did you regret it afterwards?




  1. no. i stayed with someone I detested tho. I was the happiest woman with a black eye when I finally chucked the evil b@stard :)

    I couldn't bear to break up with someone I loved.

  2. Plenty have broke up with me and hopefully they have all regretted it

  3. Yes, it's a very difficult thing to do but for the longer term, it was the right thing to do.  No regrets but I guess, you always wonder what might have been.  Actually he was a bit of a b*****d thinking about it.  

  4. Yes and no but I will never forget the pain.

  5. yes and no.

  6. Yes, and no I didn't, because as much as I love him, we're not right. We're happier now. It's hard, but sometimes it has to be done xx

  7. No...married him and marriage is forever, thank Heavens.

  8. yes - I dont regret it though as it had to be but I have never loved anyone since

  9. Yes and yes.  But I am Happier than ever now, with my new Husband.

  10. Simple answer - yes.  I reflect upon it every day, and keep telling myself it was the only thing to do ... But I still think about them every day, and still miss them, and still hope I won't meet them in the street, there would be no pleasure in meeting, only a lot of pain and politeness, and the pretence that I am fine and they are fine ....

  11. Yes and yes - but I went on to have three lovely children and am in a comfortable relationship.  It's not an exciting life - but I've had to grow up.......sob.  

  12. yes then got back together to break up again...the same problems  are still there so when you leave a relationship don't look back

  13. No, I haven't.  

  14. i once loved someone so much that i loved him more than i loved myself.  i finally realised that is a major mistake.  the problem was he loved me...just not enough to make the compromises and sacrifices i was to continue a good relationship.  i know love between most people is probably not a 50%/50% deal. and it probably isn't an issue to many couples. but for me it was painful to realise the passion i felt for him would not be returned measure for measure.  it was very difficult and very painful for me to end the relationship.  i've had a good life and loved others since him.  i never loved anyone else as much as i loved him, but that was because i realised the importance of loving myself, i think.  regrets?  sure. i came to realise that by loving him the way i did i didn't demand --or even ask for--the things i needed from him.  might have ended anyway if i had, but i'll never know.  live and learn.                    

  15. Not really but lost a couple down to bad behaviour.

  16. never looked back

  17. No thankfully, it must be heartbreaking

  18. When I was 15 I broke up with someone I thought I loved, it was the best thing I ever did he went on to beat up both his wife and his next girlfriend.... regrets NONE.

  19. nope, i am the one and only,,, now who sang that

  20. Yes and it hurt but no regrets as all was not what it seemed...

  21. Nope never, she dumped me lol!!!!

    Not seen her for years now, and my life has moved on, but if I were to see her now my stomach would churn!!!!

    But that would be it, my life is better than when i was with her, and i have learned one thing in life


    The reason you split in the first place ALWAYS comes back again!!

  22. Stay where you are. :-(

  23. No, never had to do that!

  24. 1st  -  Yes

    2nd  -  ??

    No regrets, just sad that I wasted my time.  

  25. i did once but instead of breaking up with her i just killed her. alot easier and alot less headaches.

  26. Yes.  And no.

    Do I still love him - yes, (22 years later) but I know I have made the right decision, and I wouldn't change that.  I am happier now.

    Edit:  His ex developed cancer and he returned to her.  I loved him more than he loved me, I think.  By the time she had died, I had met my now husband, and I think that things worked out for the best.

  27. No, thankfully I haven't

  28. Stay & work out your problems.

    Breaking up is such a modern phrase.

    Couples used to cope with anything & often things are just a temporary glitch & just take time, love & patience.

  29. Of course, in fact the girl still says she made the biggest mistake of all when she stopped seeing me.  

  30. yeah, it was shiit then and it's still shiit now.

  31. Why all the questions about LOVED?  

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