How much pills does a person need to die of an overdose, I found a bag of 40 in my sisters room should i worry

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How much pills does a person need to die of an overdose, I found a bag of 40 in my sisters room should i worry




  1. No

    but she should worry that you go into her room and snoop around

  2. depends on the kind of pills.

  3. I'm not sure is 40 taken with water is enough to die, but can do some serious damage. It also depends on the type of pill, and the substance she swallows them down with. Taking them with alcohol could be even more dangerous, and even kill. My friends dad took an overdose of about 100 painkillers, he was found collapsed and went into hospital but didn't die. You should bare in mind the pills could be prescribed medication, you should ask her about it.

  4. that would depend on what your sisters life is like? Is she well treated & happy?

  5. It depends on what the pills are.  Maybe she's addicted to them?

  6. You should worry if the pills are not perscribed to your sister and aren't something that's over-the-counter like tylenol or ibuprofen.  Regardless, if the pills are in a bag then it seems as if your sister may be trying to hide them.  You should get the pills and tell your parents ASAP!  Even if it's nothing, you would still feel better knowing that it's nothing rather than wondering if it's something.  She could be doing something illegal or addicted to them, both of which could lead to death or something else very serious.  Notify your parents NOW!  And don't worry about people saying you shouldn't snoop...if you save your sisters life then it's a dang good thing you snooped!  I hope everything goes well!

  7. depends on age.weight and the kind of medicine it is

  8. in all seriousness what kind of pills are they what state of mind is your sister in and my biggest fear would be is she dealing drugs ...or being made to hide them for someone else

  9. it doesnt mean she takes them all at once... who the h**l would take that many pills anyway?  you'd just be paralyzed or something....   pharms are the new scourge, thats for sure...

  10. Well it depends on how much your sister's body can handle, others more and others less. But i think you should tell your parents its better to be safe then sorry ;)

  11. depends what type of pills it is, some very small doses can be lethal if its not prescribed for you. i dont know what to do about your sister, maybe go talk to your parents or relative about this?

  12. No i ate 60 and am still here

  13. No reply can be given without furnishing the name of the medicine. Lethal dose may vary from one medicine to the other.

  14. Well that all depends on what the pills were, what the strength of them was, how big your sister is, what her metabolism is like, when she takes them and what she takes them with.

    Say you are talking about paracetamol for example, someone with a dodgy liver might get side effects from just 10 pills, but like some guy here said some people can have about 60 and not have any problems (at least ones that can be seen now - watch for liver problems in the future).

    Reasons to be worried are more what she plans to do with them rather than that she has them. And I'll leave it to you to decide what to do with that.

    Basically 40 pills of anything other than sugar pills is likely to make some effect on the body.

  15. It is not the quantity of the tablets, It is what is in the tablets. If they say only take one a day, then if you took 2 in a day, then you have overdosed.

  16. Uh, it really depends what the pills are!

    IE: Tylenol 3 (which has codine) would be more likely to kill a person than  allergy medication or laxitives.

    The type of pills also can indicate any hidden problems you may wish to worry about, ie: anorexia.

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