Do doctors feel weird when their patients are also doctors?

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Do you think the patients might correct them if they feel like they aren't doing someone correct?

And if a doctor has a lot of knowledge, they can probably just know what's wrong with them, right? That's kind of cool.




  1. Not really. There's a lot of explanation that simply doesn't have to be done. We doctors tend not to be lacking in confidence, in case you hadn't noticed, so there's no need to feel somebody's looking over your shoulder. ;-)

    One of the little tidbits we learn in school is to be decisive. One saying to support that, and give us a little humor doing so, is: "Often wrong, but never in doubt." We all know the circumstances of practice.

    It's also something of an honor to be consulted by a colleague. We can pick whom we want, and we pick good doctors; so when we're chosen, it's a bit of an ego boost.

  2. if the doctor is really good than they probably dont feel strange if their patients are also doctors but if there bad they probably do feel strange because the patient might ask something they dont know or disagree with the doctor

  3. well it depends on if the patient knows more or less then the doctor. and if the patient knows more then what the heck is he doing there??

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