What cause a brand to become popular

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What cause a brand to become popular? I am trying to figure out why some brands become household names while others bite the dust. In the midst of one of the most serious crisis reminds the American consumer, and after the holiday spending hangover, the most unlikely products have become the most wanted gifts ahead of dates as held in the United States as the day of San Day. It is in the economic depression reappears when the art of originality as the boldest triumph.

Jewelery sector companies are falling one by one. One of the big jewelry stores in New York, Fortunoff, closed its doors. Tiffany's, worldwide symbol of luxury, closed the Christmas season with a decline in sales of 21% over the previous year.

With this background, the Internet has become a true means to hunt bargains. A virtual bazaar where buying comes with no shipping charge and no limit of days to make an exchange or refund.

A new fashion - imposed by how hard the crisis is to give affordable products... but exclusive. It is likely that many lovers this Valentine's Day, would prefer piece of underwear before a gem. For example you can always give a blanket with sleeves called snuggie an invented word derived from the adjective ' snug ' or comfortable. The idea of the company that sells, Allstar, is to allow the buyer to see the television, read a book or dinner wrapped in a blanket. To date, after the holiday season, it has sold 4 million snuggies, at a modest price of $ 20.

How did it become popular? It do so by getting the users behind it to push it to their friends and family. On Facebook there are dozens of groups for and against this product. One is called " The Snuggie is the best thing that happened in my life." Another, which already has more than 4,000 members, just judgment " that snuggies can be warm and comfortable, but make you look silly."

Although it has been ridiculed in many instances, the ' snuggie ' threatens to become a titan of all popular and commercial culture in the U.S., as the Crocs, rubber clogs and bright colors that wore by many even former President George Bush. Selling a complete consignment of 200 pairs in 2002, at this time the company has been to employ more than 5,000 people and have an annual income of over 840 million.

In this maelstrom of original proposals, companies have turned to market Fundies underwear that can fit two people at a time. It is simply a wide lycra pants in which two people come face to face. The rest is left to the creativity of the buyer.

You want your brand to grow, you need to be unique and you need the support of your users.

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  1. Brands do well when they have certain things in order:

    First, it must really have an above par product. If the product is not good, it will not last long.

    It must have a use for it

    It must be backed by people who developed the product to fill a need or a want.

    It must work its way up the lader or create a new path unknown to others

    It must be adopted by the selected few who are willing to be the early adoptors

    It must spread from person to person not becasue they are paid to do so but either because they want to spread it or it must spread because others see the early adoptors using it

    I will leave the rest to the other members


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