How can i build credit by november?

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I need to build credit by november cuz i need to get a truck b4 the snow comes. I already got a credit card and i got 500 dollar in store credit (DOES THAT BUILD CREDIT?) Should i get a cell phone in my name? What else would build credit fast??? I want to get a truck financed of at least 16000 dollars.




  1. Your in-store credit card should be helping you build your credit. November is two months away - if your credit isn't good enough for the truck now, it won't be then, either. It's all about building a history of paying your bills on time and being financially responsible.

  2. if you want to build it that fast there are some illegal options out there in which people with triple a credit will basically switch up some paperwork to make you look like your credit is good. Of course it's illegal and I wouldn't advise it.

    If you really need a truck you may want to look into an online site that will let you request loans with you choosing the interest rates over a three year plan and paying back the large mass of people who lent you the money. Get the high down payment from there and get low financing on the truck.

    Hope I helped.  

  3. Don't open more credit accounts as they count against your ability to repay monthly.

    The auto dealers are eager to sell so you should be able to get financing.  Before you go shopping, stop by your bank or credit union and see if they will pre-approve you for a loan.  Then you can easily decide whether the dealer financing is better or worse.

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