Advice on paying off credit card debt.?

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I have a handful of credit cards that I'm just paying off at this point (no longer using them for purchases). I have one more term left of college and after that will be able to work full time. My question is, should I attempt to do balance transfers to other cards with an introductory 0%? If I do this, is it a better deal as I know many require 3% balance transfer fee. Or is it better just to make large payments on cards that are currently accruing interest once I'm done with school?




  1. pay more than the amount due each month

    Sometimes you can call the company and request they lower the interest rate.

  2. Depends on how long the introductory rate is good for. If it's only for a few months, don't bother. However if you can get 9-12 months out of it, then go for it. Just remember that the introductory rate is for both charges and balances that exist AFTER the rate expires. So any balances you have after expiry will still incur interest.

    A lot of people mistakenly believe if you charge it before then it's safe. Not so.

  3. Only if its been more than a year since you got your last card and you have gotten better credit since you opened the original credit cards so the card ends up on a lower rate

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