Building an email list : how to build a good email list

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Building an email list : how to build a good email list.  I got an email from this guy and what it says is listed below. Does it sound like this guy is a scam-artist or does he sound legit. "Hey, tonight at midnight, Inbox Blueprint is closing its doors for
good. I emailed you about it a few weeks ago and I can say without
any hesitation that it IS worth your time.Email marketing is the single most important part of my business,
as well as ALL of the successful online marketers I personally
know.There's a right way to build a list and a wrong way. There's a
right way to stay in touch with your list, and a wrong way.I thought I knew everything there was about "email marketing"
but I couldn't have been more wrong.I highly recommend spending a couple of bucks and getting
a copy of this. If you're serious about your online business,
and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be, then this should be the
foundation to your business... and you WILL want to do it correctly." You decide, is he real?

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