How can I figure out how much I'll get off of unemployment? And how long does it take?

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I'm getting ready to move to another town. I've had a job for about 5 years straight, sometimes two and I'm 21 now, so in other words, I've ALWAYS been employed with 1-2 jobs. Rather than commute, I figured it might be smart to just file for unemployment while I'm job hunting there.




  1. I am pretty sure you will not get unemployment if you quit your job.  

  2. You won't get anything.

    Unemployment insurance pays out when you are INVOLUNTARILY unemployed. Quitting your job and moving to a new town is voluntary.

  3. Are you saying you are leaving your job on your own? you need to be let go, or laid off or fired for certain reasons. Just quiting gets you nothing. Many years ago I moved for family reasons but it was 85 miles from current job, I could not collect they said that was a reasonable distant to drive to work one way.  

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