How can a 12 year get money ?

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I am trying to get madden 09 but I only got $15 someone please help!!!!!




  1. baby sit, dog sit, offer to walk dogs, garage sale, mow lawns, sell lemonade, clean houses,clean garages,pull weeds,ebay, a dishwasher at a restaurant(some do hire), paper route,wash inside and clean outside of cars, some fast food places hire, make crafts and sell them house to house.

    There are many opportunities, just find something you like to do and go from there. Im 14 and I started trying to make money a few months ago. I like to excercise, so I decided to mow lawns for neighbors(its not neccessarily something that I liKe to do though) But I do like to sell things, and I often do garage sales. Just find something you like and work hard at it, if you work hard you will do well. I now have around 1,800 dollars. Just put yourself out there, I also recently offered to babysit a kid next door, and dogsit for 2 neighbors if they ever need me too. Good Luck!!

  2. Baby-sit

    Mow lawns

    Pull weeds

    Do chores for an elderly neighbor or relative

    Deliver newspapers

    Collect and recycle aluminum cans

    Rake leaves

    Walk dogs and/or train them

    Bring in the papers for neighbors when they are on vacation

    Wash cars

  3. The only way to make money is by providing people with a product or service that is needed and useful.  Even in tough times, people are still willing to pay for value.  So start connecting with people and trying to find solutions to their problems.  Pretty soon, they will be looking for ways to give you money.  Serve well. Live free.

  4. Mow lawns, walk dogs, do chores, run errands

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