What do I do with returned check notices when the checks were forged?

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My purse was stolen a couple of weeks ago. I'm disputing charges on my credit cards. I'm disputing two electronic check debits by Kroger for checks that had stop payments on them. Today, I received 3 notices in the mail (Dollar General, Kroger, Papa John's) saying "my" check was returned so I owed them for that plus a $30 fee. I most definitely didn't write these checks. Two of them were from collection agencies. What should I do? I don't want this to mess up my credit.




  1. First, you should close that account and open a completely new one.  Even if you have direct deposit and/or direct debits to this account.  It needs to be closed immediately.  Make sure that you dispute with your bank every check that has been forged.  Go to thesheriff'seriff's department and file a complaint there as well.  The bank will investigate.  The places that these checks were written too may have security cameras that will show who was writing the checks.  On every collection notice you get from these stores, there should be a number where you can call and talk to a human being.  Call that number and explain to them what has happened and that you are in the process of disputing these checks.

    If it is proven that these checks were forged, then you are not liable to pay these companies or the returned check fees they charge.  You are also not liable to pay the fees your bank charges for NSF checks.

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