For all the Urdu speakers out there?

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Have u read any of the novels (of Islamic history) by the writer 'Naseem Hijazi'? Which ones? What do u think of them? Which r ur favourite?

Do u agree with his views?




  1. No, I haven't, but I will now! I've read Alamma Iqbal's Saki Nama, Shikwa and Jawaab e shikwa poems though. Very very powerful poet

  2. yes, he is one of great writer whose novels stimulates the bravery and sprituality in the young.  Some of his novels i read Akhri Chattan, ( and PTV also made a drama upon it). Aur Talwar Toot Gai, Qafila Hijaz, Khak Aur Khoon,

    and my favourite on is Khak aur khoon, it is about partition of sub-continent, and it reminds us how we sacrifies for this beloved country.

    i agree with his views, and now a days we need his ideaology, as we have lost our idealogy, our ideals lost, our heros are fakes, we should return to our great history, and that is only possible if we are on the right track, and his novels are stimulator in this track.

  3. well i am an urdu speaker but i havent read and novels by the writer Naseem Hijazi

    sorry :(

  4. Nope, care to share a link....?

    @ Salman stop copying me LOL

  5. Sorry, i don't even know Naseem Hijazi!!

    Can you care to share the link plz....?

  6. Naseem Hijazi is My Fav Writer ! And trust me If u start reading Any of his Book u Just wont stop  ! They are So So  So ... don't have word to Describe them !

    My Fav are Mohammad-Bin-Qasim. Its totally different from what they teach u at school !

    Another one is Akhri Chataan and Aur Talwar Toot Gayee,

    Qaisar-o Kisra Is another One of my Fav It Tells u about what Was happening Between Romans and the Persians When Islam was flourshing IN Arab ! Very Intersting to read !

    Well All of his Books are My favs ! :D


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