Hindi or Urdu speakers, please help me..?

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what do you mean by nahiN, naa and mat??

when to use those 3 three words

and kindly give an example sentence using those words. Thanks!!




  1. nahin   - no or like "dont"

    naa-  no

    mat- dont

    yey mera nahin he

    this is not mine

    wo naa karna

    dont do that

    yey kabhi mat karna

    never do this

    i speak urdu

    hope that helped

  2. all three mean no

    mat is used in the second or third person context - eg tum yeah mat karo - you dont do this

    nahin and naa are more interchangable and dont have any defined gramattical rules


  3. it means no

  4. Nahi and Naa both mean NO/ NOT and are kinda interchageable, though naa is used more colloquially (verbally) and not in written.

    Tumhe aisa nahi karna chahiye

    (You should not do this)

    Mat means "DON'T"

    Tum yeh mat karo

    (Don't do this)

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