Destination Wedding Officiant?

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I'm thinking of possible options to getting married that's affordable, but I don't like the whole idea of eloping (no photos, guests, etc.) I've found some affordable packages in Florida to have a destination wedding. My only question to this is it possible to have my pastor be the officiant of the wedding and not someone that they have? I'd really like my pastor to perform the ceremony. Anyone know if this is possible?




  1. You can use any official you would like to marry you, unless you get married in a church then you have to ask permission from that churches pastor/priest etc if you can have your pastor perform the ceremony.

  2. The answer is yes you can. What you would need to do is talk to the pastor about travelling and possible expenses that might occur for his stay. Even if it's for two nights, you are still responsible for his package. (Yet it is always negotiable.)

    You can also look at finding packages that allow you to alter the details provided that they are getting the better deal.

    An idea would be to find a hotel or banquet hall in Florida. Put together your own hotel package & keep it simple. The more cost effective you are in planning early about your wedding, the easier & better (not to mention stress free) it will become.

  3. I'm sure that you could have your pastor be the officiant of the wedding, but it may be costly. unless he agrees to pay for his way.  

  4. Most jurisdictions require weddings to be performed by a person authorized to perform weddings within that state, province, county or municipality. But you are lucky: Florida is an exception. Florida law allows any ordained minister to perform weddings.

    Many ceremony venues provide the officiant, and you will need to arrange directly with the venue to use your pastor instead.

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