Tropical Destination Wedding in the Winter?

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Has anyone had a destination wedding in the winter months like December or January in a Tropical location such as Hawaii or Aruba? What is the weather like? I am thinking of these 2 months.




  1. I've never been to either, but I would suggest to do it in the beginning of dec or late jan so that people have time in between holidays and can make travel arrangements that arent smack dab in the middle of christmas/new years

  2. i haven't been to a wedding then, but vacation, yes. the winter months in tropical places is considered their busy time, which means the prices will be higher. i'm planning my destination wedding for march, which is still considered the winter months. i don't think you'll have to worry about weather. in fact, if you're going to the carribean, it's probably better b/c it won't be hurricane season. good luck!

  3. That is the best times to travel to the Caribbean (weather-wise) but it is also the most expensive/crowded time to travel because of that reason.  You will have to give your guests lots of notice so they can book early because it it such a popular time to travel, especially because most people have extra time off around Christmas.

  4. The weather is usually beautiful around that time but keep in mind that it will be quite pricey those times of the year since its their peak season

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