Childern at destination wedding?

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Ok, I know this is a touchy subject so bare with me...

We are getting married in Las Vegas, in a huge suite at the Mandalay courtesy of my family, even though we are an older couple. The guest list is only 30pp, the ceremony will be in the room at sunset in front of floor to ceiling windows with a cocktail hour in advance. We have a private room for dinner off-site that only holds 30 pp and a hired bus to transport the group again with limited seating.

Heres the delima two of our guests have two children each all under 12, we understand that parents like to include their children but this is Vegas and we feel with the drinking, atmosphere and limited seating that children aren't appropriate. Can we specify on the invites, or simply invite the parents only or communicate the adults only wish via personal conversations? We don't want to offend. But also keep in mind that two of these kids are stage hogs and I just dont want my guests to have to sit through little Nathan's past 5 science fair winning entries I had to recently.

Do we suck it up and invite the whole family's or risk offending??




  1. It's your wedding and kids that age are brats, sounds like you know that pretty much for sure in this case. Be specific about what you want.  I'd say to put it on the invitation, mentioning this is an adult town and an adults-ony event.  That way you are't just excluding their kids, but kids in general. :)  Congrats!  I live in Vegas, can I come?  Ha ha!

  2. definately risk offending!!

    as others have alrede said it is your wedding so you do what you think is best just make sure you let the parents know that their kids cant come in the least offensive way possible. let themknow the reasons why you have made the desscion, that it is because of the environment is not very child friendly so if they care about the well being of their children they should be greatfull if anything that you considered their children.

    hope that helped

  3. I would go with the adults only.I wouldnt want my kids in Vegas.

  4. Today, some casinos are becoming "family friendly" - an oxymoron in my mind.  Some have child care on site where parents can stash the kids while the gamble away their family's future.

    Invite the parents only if you cannot arrange child care for your adults only party.

    Vegas is NOT a place for kids, no matter what the casinos are doing to the contrary.

  5. Well here is the thing...if its a destination wedding, chances are these people wont attend if they cant bring their children anyways.  I wouldnt attend a destination wedding and leave my children behind with some way!   also....they are children so there is no reason to call a child a stage hog.  If listening about little Nathans science fair winnings (a huge accomplishment) is too much for you then get new friends.  Maybe listening about your wedding plans is a huge inconvenience to others too.

  6. since it's only 2 couples you're targeting, don't bother to put it on the invites.  just call them individually and tell them what you said- vegas, drinking, limited space, not appropriate for kids.  if they're touchy about it or decide not to go to your wedding altogether, then you know what kind of friends they are.

  7. Your wedding sounds amazing!  Congrats!

    Vegas is not a place for children.  Any parent with half a brain will realize that and not take offense.  Invite only the parents.  If they choose to be

    offended, then so be it.  They can always stay home.

    Or, check with your wedding consultant to see if there are any childcare options available for the times of your wedding.  There are services in Las Vegas that will provide nannies to babysit during the wedding and reception.  Use only ones recommended by the hotel.  Let the parents know that this is an option and the wedding is adults only since it is Vegas.   Most parents would so rather leave their kids home with Grandma and than take them to Vegas for some adult time with their spouse.  My kids didn't go to Vegas until they were of legal age and that's the way it should be!

  8. It is your wedding risk offending. I would have the invitations clearly state that the children are not invited. Then the parents can either get a sitter for them or stay home.  

  9. hi

    my aunty and uncle had the same kind of problem with their wedding.

    at the time, i was about ten, and me and my younger sister were not invited to their wedding, although our parents were.

    my aunty and uncle simply said they were not having any children at the wedding because they knew other children who they did not want to invite, but would have to if they invited us. so we simply didnt go. and it was fine.

    you could just tell all the parents the same thing: that their children are lovely, however you cant invite them as it wouldnt be fair on the not so nice kids. then no-one gets upset.

    also, you could always hold a little party after the wedding for adults AND kids, so they still feel part of the big occasion.

    i hope this makes sense and i hope i helped!!  :)

  10. It is your right to host the type of wedding you like and if it is sans children then so be it. Let the parents decide if they will attend without their children. It is not up to us to decide what is best for other people's children but we can say what is best for us!

    Simply write only the names of the parents ion the inner envelope of the wedding invitation which will let them know that only the parentss (names listed) are invited. Never print "no children" or "adults only". I have even being seeing a new trend where couples are including names on the reply card. For example:

    Mr John Smith - will or will not attend

    Mr. John Smith - will or will not attend

    Now, some may say that is getting away from invitation etiquette ever so slightly but I think in this case it will be acceptable.

  11. i would say risk offending

    i mean obviously do it in a very nice way by outlining all the reasons you listed above about the location and feel of this wedding (this is an adult wedding and you feel like the guests should be age appropriate). plus like you said there is limited seating ... and it's YOUR day. you should invite whoever you please to your wedding and not be forced to suffer through the company of guests you don't enjoy

  12. It's your wedding. Risk offending, but do it nicely. Tell them in the invite

    "Since it's Vegas, no kids, please." Maybe even checking into childcare at the hotel for them could help?

  13. This is your wedding - and they have options. You simply tell them that children may not attend the wedding and reception and let them know that there are other options to where they could still attend your wedding. For instance, they could bring a babysitter with them to watch the kids. They could allow a friend or relative to watch the kids so they can be there for you. But, if they decide not to go - that is their choice. It's really really something I didn't want to miss out on - having kids be a part of the wedding - in fact - relatives kids' played musical instruments during our ceremony. But, you are not throwing a kid friendly wedding to begin with. This is an adult affair and you are older so - phooey on them if they don't want to show up. It doesn't sound like you enjoy children very much and if that is the case - you need to throw a wedding you'll enjoy.  

  14. Vegas is no place for children that age- they don't call it "Sin City" for nothing, after all!  On your invitations, just address them to the actual people you want there.  For example, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.  By not putting their kids' names, you're implying that they aren't invited.  Then, if Mrs. Smith wants to call you up and ask you if her little darlings can attend, that's when you say, "Given the circumstances of it being a Vegas wedding, we're making this an adults-only affair."  Any parent in their right mind should be able to understand why you don't want their little dears at a destination Vegas wedding which will probably include alcohol, gambling, and secondhand smoke everywhere.  If they have a problem with it, stick to your guns and reiterate that you would love to see them there, but you can understand if they don't wish to leave their kids behind.

    Another idea I have is to hire a nanny or babysitter to be in charge of the kids for the duration of the trip.  This person, perhaps a relative, can take them to all the kid-friendly attractions in Vegas during the day and stay in the hotel room with them at night, while their parents get their party on.  Then the parents don't have to choose between leaving their kids home and attending your wedding, but you can still have fun "grown-up time" without having to worry about taking the kids to the New York New York rollercoaster when you'd rather be playing craps and drinking White Russians.

    By the way, Mandalay Bay is a lovely wedding venue.  Congrats!

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