Is my credit going to get ruined???

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I joined Bally total fitness with my cousin but he stopped paying for it and he was still under contract i know that he is going to get his credit ruined but it was bad to begin with and he was the main person in the contract and I was like a secondary person in the contract and didnt put any of my information but I still signed something. Can my credit still get ruined??




  1. try checking your credit score here:

  2. Here is a little secret....

    They arent going to do anything. They wont even report it to a credit agency.

    Its great knowing this working in membership services!!

  3. They may still go after you if you provided your full name and social security or drivers license number.  they may not report to credit agency's, but they will pester you on payment

  4. If you co-signed the contract, they will pursue you for the balance and if you don't pay, they will probably report it to the credit agencies.

  5. depends entire on what exactly the "something" you signed -- if you signed as a co-subscriber you are just a labile as he is!!!

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