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Sergio Ramos damages the Copa del Rey
There is a certain video widespread across the world of sport these days showing a certain star dropping a certain trophy and seeing it crush under the very same bus that was designed to welcome the trophy.
Yes we are talking about the great Spanish defender, Sergio Ramos. The trophy was not only aesthetically beautiful but also had a great sentimental value for the Los Blancos. After all, it had been won against their bitterest rivals,
The most sought-after trophy, the Copa Del Rey, was dropped by Sergio Ramos while atop the celebratory bus and was damaged under its wheels. and bombarding their rear guard, searching forward runs with the ball. He was standing on top of the specially designed bus (double decker) celebrating the historic win with
the streets filled with ecstatic fans as their hailed their heroes.
But alas, the golden moment doesn’t last too long and the trophy drops.
The bus driver didn’t realize that that cup had fallen and continued to drive. The security team on the scene saw the cup fall down and immediately halted the parade. The bus came to a screeching halt. The cup was extracted from under the wheels of the bus
and the parade continued without the cup.
Ramos was obviously shattered by his own clumsiness and the Madrid players seemed genuinely irritated when he told them what had conspired, hitting him with their scarves. Such stupidity cannot go unpunished.
Real Madrid officials later on admitted that the cup had been damaged after being run over by the bus and the officials had already started work to try and repair the damage. Fortunately for Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos, the manufacturer of the cup confirmed
in a statement that a replica had been made and will be available to the Madrid team to show off to the fans. Federico Alegre, the owner of the jewellers who made the cup, said that there will be no problems in the recreation of a replica.
Ramos jokingly blamed the fans for the damage and tweeted,
"The whole thing about the cup was a misunderstanding, it didn't fall ... it jumped off when it reached Cibeles and saw so many Madrid fans, Hahahaha ... but don't worry ... have a good day."



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