What is the Best Way to Shoplift DVDs?

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Why do people think it's acceptable to ask how to watch movies for free? It's just like asking how to steal- it's really stupid.




  1. Interesting question, definitely caught my eyes. I agree with you on this, I see it everyday here people asking where they can download movies for free. It is stupid you are right but really we can't do anything about it because they will do whatever they want just to save money. Bad quality or good quality it doesn't matter as long as they get it free. As for me, I rather wait till they go on sale. I definitely wouldn't download anything free because I don't trust it. I rather spend money on DVD's than get viruses and spyware. You spend more fixing your comp. Definitely not worth it.

  2. I find that if you plant one on another person as tehy go out and you go with them, just after the alarm sounds, they get caught.

    Seriously, I agree. There is nothing more pathetic than to watch an action thriller on your PC screen. Where the fun in that. I pick films for the Big Screen experience

  3. Why buy them when you can download them for free :p

    I don't mind buying dvd's from the shops, it's music I would never pay for because I know I can download hundreds of songs in a day for free, instead of wasting money on the cd.

  4. I download movies and burn them to dvds to watch on my big screen tv and they come out just as good as the real dvds. So I'm with Harmonie here, if they are just as good as the ones in the shop, why buy them .

    A lot of people download movies and music online for free , illegal or not, it happens , and it will keep happening. I think it's stupid to spend $30 on a dvd when I can download the same movie at equal quality for free . I do watch some movies at the theater but not every single movie , and those are the ones I download .  And I download old movies that I can't find in stores anymore either.  I will only buy a dvd in store , if I can't find it online.

    Although it's not completely free for me to download these, my b/f had to pay something before he joined the site, now we can download whatever we want , providing he also uploads movies .

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