Can I wear contacts past expiration date?

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I need to order new contacts and have been wearing my glasses, I was cleaning out a box and found some old contacts that I never took out of the box, they are sealed and it is the right prescription. Can I wear them?




  1. Well, it really depends how much past the expiration date they are.  I know when I had disposable contact lenses, I bought them a year at a time.. sometimes, I would still have more past the expiration date, and used them with no problems.

    I'd say if they're less than 6 months past, it would be ok.  And as long as the packages were still sealed, and the fluid storing the lenses were still present.  Clean them out with your routine cleaning solution first.

  2. No.  Never use anything prescription beyond the expiration date.

  3. yes -- just make sure you clean them before you wear them the first time and if they cause any problems then throw them out

  4. Rob W is correct.

    I will just add that it is the solution that expires, not the lens in your package.

    Check just in case though when you open the packs that there is no growth of anything that looks like mold inside the cover...if so...throw them out.

    Otherwise,  soaking them overnight first in new solution will be fine.

  5. yes if they are still sealed then in wont be a problem at all unless its like two years later..even if they were opened say you can still wear them a few weeks after the one month period and they will be perfectly fine

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