Eye changes?

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Does anyone know why eye color sometimes changes day to day, or even hour to hour? My eyes are an icy blue when I'm depressed, and a warm gray blue when I'm happy. My husband's eyes are usually hazel, but when he's really happy they're solid brown and when he's sad they're green.

Does anyone know why this happens? I'm really curious- and no it's not the lighting, it holds true indoors, outdoors, and nighttime. Is it a chemical thing based on moods, or is it genetic?

Just wondering, and thanks for the answers.




  1. Go to Youtube and type in "Tony Robbins power of beliefs"

    He explains how moods can change eye color dramatically.

  2. Hmm... Night Elf !?!?

    It's about the lights condition dude !

  3. hazel eyes do that a lot. Well at least I think they do, mine do. But as for blue it might just be the eyes and it may be genetic if your mother or father or relative has it. but i think it's cool :)

  4. Mine change all the time, I don't know why.

  5. it`s paranormal.........,what do you mean?eye`s color change..............

  6. my daughters eyes change from season to season and I have no idea why

  7. I know they change or "appear" to change when you wear certain clothing but I have never heard about the mood affecting your eye color.

  8. what your wearing or the background can affect eye color
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