Why is it a bad idea to wear disposable contact lens past their suggested throw away date?

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I wear disposable contact lens and I have been told to toss them after 14 to 16 days of use. All of the solutions for storing and cleaning the lens after their daily use all claim to remove most of the protein build up accumulated during the day, as well as disinfect and moisturize the lens, so that they are supposed to be almost like new. By the end of the suggested 14 to 16 days the lens feel almost like they did the first day I put them in. So what's the deal? Why can't I wear them for another week or so if they are supposed to be almost like new from the cleaning and disinfecting these of new types of solutions?




  1. well my doctor told me to wear them for 2 weeks, but........i wear the for 3 weeks & they feel just fine

    (it saves money too!!)  ;)

  2. The solutions only make them "feel" like new.

    The matrix of the lens is quite blocked up after the 14 days use, no matter how well they are cleaned, therefore they no longer retain the moisture and transmit oxygen like they wearing them is starting to starve the corneas of oxygen.

    Lots of scientific testing and engineering goes into the development of the recommended time of optimal healthy wear isn't just a suggestion.

  3. Even though they may appear fine to wear, the ability for them to supply essential oxygen as needed is reduced.

    Germs can also form on them, no matter how much you clean them. Wearing them can cause infections.

  4. I have been wearing contacts for many years.  I usually wear the contacts 7-10 days past the "expiration date".  As long as they are kept clean and sanitized, I have not experienced any problems.

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