Barcelona – La Liga champions dip in form or fatigued World Cup players? (Part 1)

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Barcelona – La Liga champions dip in form or fatigued World Cup players? (Part 1)
The current Spanish La Liga Champions, Barcelona, have shown great form in the league. Not only did they break records after records in the Spanish La Liga, they managed to build a strong team that could compete in European competitions as well.
With the season about to start in, Barcelona were considered to be favourites to win the Spanish La Liga title.
However, with the Milan coach, Jose Mourinho, joining the Los Blancos in Santiago Bernabeu, things were definitely about to change.
Barcelona started their new season positively as they picked up a 1-3 away win against Racing Santander.
On the other hand, Real Madrid settled with only a single point as they faced Mallorca while being away from home. Barcelona were flying high with their first win but lost their first home game of the season against Hercules.
Later, they drew another home game against and became third in the Spanish La Liga.
On the other hand, Real Madrid got into winning ways and won both their games and were unbeaten till they met Barcelona at the Nou Camp.
The El Clasico was considered to be the “match of the year” in Europe. With two Spanish Giants clashing in the Nou Camp, the match was expected to a tight affair.
However, Josep Guardiola’s side came out with flying colours. Not only did Barcelona win the game against Real Madrid, in fact they humiliated them as the La Blaugrana won 5-0. The best player in the world,, did not score a single game throughout
the game and played right behind the two strikers – Pedro Rodriguez and
The Argentinean maestro was able to give two wonderful assists to David Villa, who scored two amazing goals, to give his side a 5-0 victory over their arch nemesis, Real Madrid.
After winning the game against Real Madrid, Barcelona never lost a single game. The Spanish Champions simply outdid each and every team in the world. They won sixteen games in a row and did not lose a single game while being away from home.
However, a dip in form was waiting for them at the other end of the road.
Barcelona were simply on top of the world. Not only did they win sixteen games in a row, in fact they simply outplayed their biggest rivals in the Spanish La Liga – Real Madrid.
The Los Blancos dropped five very crucial points against easy teams like Osasuna and Almeria. Osasuna drew the game against Los Blancos and Almeria were able to win 1-0 against Jose Mourinho’s men. After dropping so many points in the league, Real Madrid
were seven points behind Barcelona and it looked as if there was no coming back from there.
However, Barcelona did face a dip in form and dropped two crucial points to give Real Madrid a chance to come back into the league.
The Spanish Champions travelled to Gijon to face a weak side like Sporting Gijon. The La Blaugrana were expected to win the fixture especially with a 16-match all-winning record intact.
The Catalans started the game poorly and conceded a goal after exploited their defence singlehandedly. Even though David Villa scored a goal during the 80th minute of the game, the Spanish Champions only settled with a point from
an unusual away fixture.  
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