Barcelona – La Liga champions dip in form or fatigued World Cup players? (part 3)

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Barcelona – La Liga champions dip in form or fatigued World Cup players? (part 3)
Centre back,, suffered from tendonitis in his left knee. It is true that he is 32 years old and such old players do pick up injuries but there is simply no doubt that the excess amount of football that he has been playing has taken its toll.
The Catalan coach, Josep Guardiola, tries to save his “captain fantastic” time and time again but now the Barcelona captain has picked up a severe injury and he has been out for two weeks and there is no sign of his return.
On the other hand, Pique, has recently shown his poor form without Carles Puyol. Not only is he often caught out of position, in fact he lets go of his man many times. The Spanish centre back is trying too hard to find back his form but he was simply
useless throughout the game against Arsenal that took place at the Emirates and he was also caught off position while performing against Athletic Club over the weekend.
Eric Abidal,, Daniel Alves and Adriano are the four full backs that Josep Guardiola plays in the first team. None of the four players are Spanish and that is the reason why they have shown great form throughout the season.
Daniel Alves was able to give his twentieth assist over the weekend as Barcelona scored the second goal of the game against
In the holding midfield position, Sergio Busquets, is showing great form. However, recently there has been a dip in form from the young Spaniard. That is the reason why Josep Guardiola tries to rest his favourite midfielder and plays the former
man Javier Mascherano right behind the centre midfielders at times.
It is true that Mascherano is an outstanding holder of the ball but with in the team, Barcelona play fast flowing football as Mascherano is still learning how to play like the La Blaugrana.
Xavi Hernandez played a lot of football last season and has continued playing a lot of football with the La Blaugrana this season as well. The Spanish maestro suffered an Achilles tendon injury this season and was rested by Josep Guardiola for two consecutive
Later, the Spaniard was rested after the game and was often substituted by The basic reason why that happened was because Xavi was playing too much football and got tired. It is true that he is an extraordinary player but he is just a
human and that is why Guardiola decided to give him a rest time and time again.
Xavi Hernandez’s midfield partner, Andres Iniesta, is in extraordinary form this season. He is the fire power for Barcelona’s midfield this season. The Spanish midfielder did play in the FIFA World Cup 2010, but who can forget the fact that he missed half
of the season last year?
The Spaniard started playing regular football towards the end of last season and came to his best form while performing for
Andres Iniesta’s extraordinary form during the FIFA World Cup 2010 was summed up by the winning goal that he scored in the FIFA World Cup final against to hand his side the World Cup.
After playing relatively less football than all other Barcelona players, Andres Iniesta continued his exceptional form after coming back from The basic reason why he is not fatigued is because he saw lesser football last season compared to
his team mates.  
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