Why Kevin Pietersen will be good as an opener for England in the ICC World Cup 2011

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Why Kevin Pietersen will be good as an opener for England in the ICC World Cup 2011
It was being suggested for some time that England should promote their flamboyant batsman, Kevin Pietersen, to open for their team in the ICC World Cup 2011.
It seems like the English people were listening, as he was moved up the order and opened in the warm-up matches against ahead of the World Cup. Since wicketkeeper-batsman Matt Prior has continuously failed to impress at the top in 6-1
drubbing from the Australians. Pietersen managed to strike a chord with Captain Andrew Strauss in the warm up games and now everyone has high hopes with the K-man.
So how did the team director Andy Flower and company think about this? Well of course the never ending One Day series against took a toll on all the English players and since Flower had nothing to do, he drew different combinations to open in the
World Cup.
However, there were not many options for poor Flower so he decided to give Pietersen a chance of a lifetime. He was, of course, provided with rolls of parchment of guidelines written by Stuart Broad narrated by Messrs Flower himself. The guidelines were
based on the limited access of social and family networking.
The decision is very tricky and a bold one, but it fits the puzzle quite well. Not long ago, just two months ago to be exact, England was emerging as “one” of the favourites to lift the World Cup trophy. But they got bruised and felt homesick, and lambasted
the management for making them play cricket for so long right before cricket’s biggest extravaganza.
But it can be analyzed why KP is the right man to give the team that one push that they badly need, since it is expected that they will be exiting the tournament a bit early (refer to the past World Cup records).
He loves the attention
Our beloved Pietersen is the epitome of attention. He is this peacock, with beautiful feathers and lovely colours, working the bat on the main stage but one look at the ugly feet, you immediately get put off. But, really he loves his Lamborghinis and he
will never miss a chance to post huge scores to increase the value of his resume and to eventually win a savvy car at the end of the tournament.
He loves to score hundreds
Haven’t been doing that for a while, but who knows the new job might boost his confidence. He has seven One Day centuries in his bag and as Indian maestro Virendar Sehwag proved against in the opening game that if an opener manages to surpass
the three digits, it is likely you end up winning the game and the man of the match trophy. If he finds his century-form, he is likely to post huge scores for his team.
For his ego
That is important. For a game that is known to be the gentleman’s sports, there has to be this evil side to it. He hilariously declared himself to be the reason that prompted England to win the Ashes, and the ego just decided to burst out of the urn. Former
Australian bowler, Shane Warne aptly called him a “walking ego,” and his ego might come handy for the English. The media will be waiting for KP to strike a pose after smashing a four and he always finds his pout when he hits a six.
He is certainly not a wicket-keeper
England has this weird obsession of having a wicket-keeper batsman opening for; Steve Davies and Matt Prior being the recent examples. It is like a jinx or something, but England has this strange desire of experimenting in the One Day. The experiment
has not been that successful, therefore the wicketkeepers are best suited down the order to give some momentum when it is direly needed.
KP is KP
The shiny teeth, the slick hair, and the bulging muscles; all work, then why not him?
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