Bad money problem, any advice?

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Whenever I buy something, I always have that "weird" feeling in my stomach like I am disappointed that I splurged on something. Usually this occurs whenever I buy a video game (I am 16), or when I buy something that costs more than $20. It's very hard for me to buy something and enjoy it. Does anybody else share a similar problem, or would like to help mine?




  1. you should spend depending on how much money you have. for instance, if you have $20, you wouldnt buy a $20 item would you? if you have $100, buying a $20 item wouldnt be such a big deal, eh?

    so what im trying to say is that you should try to save up before you purchase something. if you mow lawns, have a job, babysit, etc. , use your money towards buying something.  

  2. you can try giving the money to somone else and have them buy it for you and then have them give it to you it may sound strange but works

  3. it might help to set a budget.   so if you have things you have to pay for, take that money out of what you have... then set a monthly/weekly (however often you get paid) or a set percentage of any money you get (earned or given) for "fun stuff" like video games... i would also commit to set aside the same amount or more for savings...

    how would this help?  you are now setting limits for yourself and telling yourself that 'it is okay' to spend {your amount] of money on video games... and you know that you are putting money aside for your future and taking care of the "have to pay" stuff, too.  it positions you to change the way you think about money.

    i hope this helps!

  4. Hi there. I am a mom with two boys who are grown up now, but I understand how you feel. I am also a high school teacher

    Here is my advice. First of all, you didn't say whether this money you are spending comes from a job you have or it is allowance. IF it is truly your money and you earned it, (as opposed to just having mom or dad give it to you), then you should enjoy spending it once in a while. However, if the spending leaves you with a feeling of dread, is it because you have obligations for this money like a bill you have to pay or something else you didn't mention? Usually if you buy something and you feel strange after it, there is an underlying situation that goes with it. Talk it out with a good friend or a parent. Open a bank account if you don't have one and start putting money away so that if you see something you really love and can afford it, then you should absolutely buy it without the guilt. Also, when you finish solving the video games, sell it to one of those stores that  take 2nd hand games and earn more money for them. You will see that both buying and saving will help you feel accomplished and soon, that behavior that you are experiencing should disappear. IF not, I am counting on you to talk to your support systems in your household or school. Good luck

  5. Well it's the looks of like the game cover can be tempting.  Companies like to show their best artwork/pictures on the cover of the game.   I'm so excited to buy things to but what stings me the most is when I buy things my wallet gets emptier and emptier of cash.  

  6. Money is hard to ear and, true, easy to spend. So unless you really need an item, try to forget about it for a week or three...and then see if you really still need it. If you do, then get it.

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