Is It legal to babysitt at the age of 14?

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Is It legal to babysitt at the age of 14?




  1. No it is not illegal. I babysat from the age of 12.

  2. Not really...loads of my younger friends your local council or help service and get advice.

  3. Since when are there babysitting laws?

  4. No, generally its up to the parents of the child to decide whether or not you are mature enough to cope. As some 14 year olds are more mature than others.  If you feel mature enough in yourself to cope then why not do it.  It will earn you extra money.  Also alot of people nowadays ask around for someone reliable and trustworthy to look after their children, so one babysitting job may lead to another one.

    I baby sat for friends and neighbours from about 14 and enjoyed and also earned extra money for myself which was great.

    Just don't abuse the trust of the people you are sitting for by inviting your mates around, that's a big no no.  They won't trust you again and word will spread quick that you can't be trusted.

    You sound mature enough by the fact that you are asking if it is legal.

    Good Luck

  5. It is not the question of legality but the ability of an individual of 14 years to manage baby sitting.

    The responsibility jointly rests with the parents who desire to entrust the assignment and of course the concerned individual has to be responsible and mature enough to undertake the task required to be performed.

  6. if its just normal babysitting thn thres no laws. but alot of parents would rather have someone qualified or well known to thm to look after thre children. i honestly wouldnt trust a 14 year old to look after my daughter. not because you cant be trusted but just because you would have trouble reacting in a crisis. and would just lack life skills needed to look after children in a safe manner. its not an insult. wen i was 14 i looked after my little sis sometimes, but i wouldnt want to be responsible for anyone elses children. what if something happened?  

  7. there are no legal guidelines to babysitting. it is up to the parents to decern when it is ok to let someone babysit

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