Asian Games - Long Awaited Wins for Pakistan in Hockey and Squash

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Asian Games - Long Awaited Wins for Pakistan in Hockey and Squash
After the earlier news about team Pakistan being thrown out of the two semi finals, the T-20 cricket match against Afghanistan and in Kabbadi against Iran, for which they had been regarded as the favorites, the green shirts reemerged in two other sports which have always been defined as Pakistani sports: Squash and Hockey.
For both hockey and squash, Pakistan defeated Malaysia to claim the long awaited gold medals. After topping the podium in the stated sports, the gold tally of Pakistan in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games has risen up to 3. The third one had come from the glorious win of the women's cricket team. The total number of medals Pakistan could pocket out of the event is 6 (3 gold, 2 silver and one bronze to be specific). The medal tally can still be improved as Pakistan has good chances of winning bronze medals in T20 cricket and Kabaddi.
The success claiming the gold medal in hockey would be particularly celebrated in Pakistan as the team had been striving for long to bag some international title but, despite being technically competent, it was quite down and out in the international scenario. The defeat in Delhi commonwealth games had further put the morale of the team down, but this recent victory would surely bring a new vigor and motivation among the players and the spectators. The emphatic victory by 2-0 has not only marked the return of Pakistan to the hockey gold stand after a long wait of 20 years, it has also ensured its participation in the 2012 London Olympics.
The success in Squash is equally worth celebrating as it has once again raised hopes for the revival of the sport in the country. Unlike hockey, Malaysia is considered as a powerhouse in squash, and grabbing the gold from the clinches of the fierce rival was definitely not easy. Aamir Atlas Khan prevailed for Pakistan and now things are looking quite bright for squash back home.



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