Asian Games 2010: Pakistan Victorious in Asian Games Hockey Tournament

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Asian Games 2010: Pakistan Victorious in Asian Games Hockey Tournament
The Pakistani Hockey team has won a great victory for our nation, in the Asian Games Hockey Tournament against Malaysia.  The team has won the gold medal after twenty
years, with a margin of 2-0, which shows that Pakistan is recovering from the dormancy it was in, for the past years. The first goal in the tournament was secured by penalty-corner specialist Suhail Abbas, in the first half an hour of the game, which gave enough courage and leverage to the Pakistani team, to win against the opponent. The position of the team further strengthened when, Rehan Butt, secured another goal at the start of the second half of the tournament.
Historically  the Pakistani hockey team, has been very brilliant and secured many medals  in the past .They have produced many specialists in the history of hockey, like Shahbaz Ahamad, Manzoor Hussain, Waseem Ahamad, Muhammad Saqlain and Samiullah khan. The story starts with the establishment of the Pakistani Hockey Federation in 1948, which was established for the promotion of hockey, by the Government of that time. Later, hockey became the national game of Pakistan. The series of the victories, started with the Olympics of 1956, where Pakistan reached the final of the tournament and was defeated by India. However, Pakistan was able to secure medals in the Olympics of 1966, 1968 and 1972. Apart from the Olympic Games, the team has proved its victories in various other events like, Azlan Shah Hockey Cup, which takes place in Malaysia. The Pakistani team has participated in this tournament in 1983, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1994, 1999, and 2000.The current victory was full of emotions .As soon as the game ended, with the final whistle, all members of the team gathered, lifted their coach and kneeled for prayers. The captain, Zeeshan Ashraf, was so happy that he was unable describe his feelings. He said that it was Pakistan’s turn to celebrate, and winning the gold has brought back the lost glory.
The Malaysian team, which was the opponent of Pakistan, seemed very disappointed and dejected. However, their members were confident and happy, to have won six bronze and one silver medal. They hope to perform better in the future. By this great and momentous victory, Pakistan has won a direct entry into the 2012 Olympic Games.



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