Are the USAF security forces slowly turning into the infantry of the air force?

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i noticed they are doing tons of combat training and not too much cop stuff. Oh and do you get to pick what you can do in the security forces




  1. Good question. The Air Force Security Police got assigned a lot of convoy escort duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The nature of the mission did require additional training. Last I heard the Chief Staff of the Air Force was not too happy in having to conduct this additional training when Congress had not added the additional training funds to his budget. So, he had to grab it out of other accounts.

    It's also led to a lot of them being TDY from stateside bases for long periods of time. So much so that we have civilian contract guards at most of the entry points at the air base in my area. And that seems to be the case at all the others in the Southwest.  

  2. My son was an SP about 5 years ago. His cadre at the school were former professional soldiers (Ranger, SF) and a few marines. Much training in small unit infantry tactics and light infantry weapons training; some training in cop stuff, exactly as you observe. The real reason the AF has them trained as grunts is that the Army is too small to detail troops for base security. In my view, someone is passing on the enlistment bonus and promotion opportunities in the Army to be a grunt in the AF. YLYC (Yer Life Yer Choice). Remember, the Army is about land combat, and the Infantry is one of the main methods of applying combat power. Combat arms get the goodies, i.e. promotions and schools. In the AF, the planes are the thing; land combat to protect them is a side show. Fewer and not as prestigious goodies from the AF for the grunts, more for the pilots and crews.

  3. I was a Security Force Master Sergeant for 22 years. I did so much infantry training in Korea, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Honduras that I thought that I was in the Army. I'm glad that the Air Force is training out young Defenders because of the times and places we deploy to in the world. If you want to be a dog handler you can choose it, or Small arms instructor, etc.

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